Crystal drg
Crystal dragon by njoo-d3ef1dz

Crystal Dragon Hatchling

Jonathon Willis

Otherwise known as Diamond Dragons or Glitter Dragons, these magnificent beasts are incredibly beautiful, and hunted for their priceless skin.

Crystal Dragons are fairly rare. They resemble normal dragons, except their skin is a brilliant reflective surface like a diamond, giving them the benefits of Laser Resistant armor. This skin is usually white/translucent but can be blue, red, green, black and virtually any other non-metallic color. Crystal Dragons aren't as tough as other species of dragon, but still very powerful compared to humans.

Alignment: Any
Horror Factor: 10
Size: 10 to 20 feet long
Weight: 1000 to 2000 Lbs.
Average Life Span: 2500 years

Attributes: IQ 5D6, ME 5D6, MA 5D6, PS 3D6, PP 4D6, PE 4D6, PB 7D6 Spd 5D6, Per 5D6
PPE: 1D4 x10 +20
MDC: 1D6 x50

Natural Abilities: Nightvision 90 ft, see the invisible, resistant to fire and cold, can bio-regenerate 1D4 x 10 MD every 5 minutes, and is never blinded by light regardless of intensity.

· Fly: 50mph ( 80 kph )

· Wings are laser immune ( no damage from laser attacks ) and can be used to parry such attacks (+3 to parry).

· Aura of Light: The dragon can generate a bright blindly white light around itself. No damage (unless a Vampire or similar being, then 4D6) but opponents within 40ft are -8 to strike, parry and dodge while the light is in effect and 1D4 melees afterwards. Opponents within 120ft are -4 to strike, parry and dodge while the light is in effect.

· Super-Nova: as a last resort the dragon can explode in an intense thermonuclear fireball, inflicting 2D4 x100 MDC on everyone within 200 ft and 1D4 x100 MDC on the dragon itself.
Magic: Full understanding of Magic, but can cast no spells until 3rd level.
Psionics: Major Psionic, select any 8 powers from healing, physical or sensitive, and 2 super psionic powers except Mind Wipe, Psi-Sword and Possess Others.

· ISP: 3D6 x10


RCC Skills: Same as the Ice Dragon.

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