Giau Tzu Jen -Sword- (Snake-Headed Sawtooth Sword)Giau Tzu Jen -Sword- (Snake-Headed Sawtooth Sword)1

Giau Tzu Jen Sword – ('The Snake-Headed Sawtooth Sword)

The "Snake-Headed Sawtooth Sword" is designed to strike fear in opponents. First, by it's appearance. Both edges are serrated, like the teeth on a hacksaw, which gives it a nasty look.

Even more terrifying for those unfamiliar with this weapon, is the sharp, loud, and high-pitched "hissing" sound the sword makes. This is caused by the "eyes" near the tip of the sword.

These eyes are actually small holes, cunningly placed so even a gentle swinging of the sword will cause a disquieting "hiss."

Weapon Proficiency Type: W.P. Large Sword. Cost: $375 to $3750, depending on quality.

Damage: 2D6+2.