Chi Master

A master of the power of Chi, these characters use spiritual training to achieve harmony between the mind and body. To this end they become masters of combat forms both armed and unarmed, while at the same time honing the mind to perceive and understand the mysteries of the cosmos. The Chinese believe there are six different kinds of chi in the body: Gu chi (grain chi) that generates the body's energy Kong chi (air in the lungs) that enkindles energy Zan chi (between all organs) that is the body's original energy Wei chi (guarding energy) occupies the skin surface Xie chi (blood chi) that maintains body temperature Jin chi (sperm or egg producing chi) that is reproductive energy

Step 1: Attributes

ME +6, PS +8, PP +6, PE +8, SPD +(12 + 3D6), HP +6D6, SDC (3D6 x10) +6D6

Step 2: Skills

Do not choose skills in the normal manner, instead gain the following;

Acrobatics Archery Art Boxing Climb Detect Ambush Detect Concealment Fast First Aid Gymnastics Holistic Medicine HTH Martial Arts at 15th level Musical Instrument Prowl Run Wrestling WP Blade, Blunt, Chain, Paired, Sharpshoot and Target 8 Secondary Skills

Step 3: Abilities

Chi Mastery

Gain 6D6 Chi +D6 per level

Cleansing Spirit

The ability to heal oneself by drawing on the surrounding Chi via meditative trance. He is also able to expunge any foreign parasites from the body including drugs, normal diseases, toxins and poisons. In the case of lethal viruses it gives a +1 save (eg. ebola) per Chi used

Heal 1 HP or 2 SDC per 1 Chi focused on it. Can attempt any of these abilities once per day minus 1 hour per ME (minimum of 1 hour)


Can actually dislocate the bones of the body. Escape handcuffs, chains, manacles, rope or plastic bonds automatically

Disabling Touch

The ability to touch and paralyse different parts of the body for D6 minutes per level Requires 2 successful paralysing touches on the same opponent to paralyse the entire body. The character can also dislocate the joints of any opponent, and even break bones

Feather Fall

Can fall great distances and land properly into a cross legged stance. Can fall 1mtr per Chi expended and take no damage

Feign Death

As per HU page 213

Focused Attack

Every Chi spent while concentrating on the target gives either an additional +1 to strike or +1 to damage (must decide before using it)

Grab Blade

Can catch a blade of any size without being cut and then pull it from the attacker, requiring 2 separate PP rolls

Grab Missile

Can catch any thrown objects at a rate of 1 per 3 PP or arrows/bolts at 1 per 4 PP within 1 combat melee

Healing Hands

Includes the study of acupuncture which can be used to resuscitate a character by touch alone. This includes knock out, stun, paralysis or any other shock

Inner Strength

Focus Chi into either PS, PP, PE or SPD at a rate of 2 Chi for every attribute point raised. This lasts for 1 round per ME

Iron Fist

Hand will not take damage from hitting a hard object. This allows him to break boards, wood, bricks, stones and ice. For every 1 Chi spent do 1 additional point of damage

One With The Universe

Instantly sense anybody who enters his circle of 2mtrs +30cms per level, including the invisible (even though he cant see them). +6 initiative, +2 parry, +4 dodge

Parry Missile

Can use a melee weapon which are skilled in to deflect any thrown at rate of 1 per 3 PP within 1 combat melee, or deflect arrows/bolts at 1 per 4 PP within 1 combat melee

Rapid Blows

For every 5 Chi spent each successful hit counts as one extra blow. eg. 15 Chi = 4 blows instead of normal 1, so roll damage 4 times

Shadow Stealth

The character learns to become One with his surroundings, remaining motionless, and moving silently when necessary. This even applies to moving silently into, through and out of water


For every 1 Chi used can hit one additional foe in range if using a ranged weapon


For every 1 Chi used can hit one additional foe in range in hand to hand combat or if using a melee weapon

Step 4: The Rest

Savings of 5D6 x $100

Age is whatever the character chooses. Marvel's Shang Chi was in his mid was Iron Fist...Bruce why should a Master be Ancient?

Special Martial Arts Combat Table




+2 Attacks, +4 to Strike, +4 Parry and Dodge, +6 vs. HF, +6 vs. Possession


+2 Initiative, +4 Roll, +4 Pull Punch


Critical on 19, Knockout on 20


+1 Attack, +1 Parry and Dodge


Deathblow on 20, +1 Strike, +2 Roll


+2 Initiative, Knockout on 19, +1 vs. HF


Critical on 18, +1 Parry and Dodge, +1 Pull Punch


+1 Attack, +2 Roll, +1 vs. Possession


Knockout on 18, +1 Strike


Deathblow on 19, +2 Initiative, +1 Parry and Dodge


Critical on 17, +2 Roll, +1 vs. HF


+1 Pull Punch, +10 Damage, +1 Attack, Knockout on 17


+1 Strike, Parry and Dodge


+2 Initiative, +2 Roll, +1 vs. Possession


Knockout on 16, Critical on 16, Deathblow on 18


+1 Parry and Dodge


+1 Pull Punch, +2 Roll, +1 Strike


+2 Initiative, +1 vs. HF


+1 Parry and Dodge, +1 vs. Possession


Deathblow on 17, +2 Roll

As originally found on the Beyond Heroes website.

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