High Elf

High Elves:

High Elves: High elves are ancient creatures, slight of build and well-versed in the workings of magic. Elves dwell primarily in forested valleys, far from the workings of man. Sylvan elves are ancient creatures, slightly fairer of skin and hair than their high elf cousins, more reclusive, and certainly more alien to the ways of humanity. They are at a first glance capricious and flighty, seeming to waste inordinate amounts of time which they no doubt have to spare.

IQ 3D6+1-5 ME 3D6 MA 2D6 PS 4D6+1 PP 5D6+1 PE 3D6-1 PB 5D6 SPD 4D6+1

  • Tracking and Wilderness Lore +1 Dodge. , Detect Magic ability

  • Pointed ears, green eyes.

HP: Standard SDC: 1D6 PPE: 4D6
AR: None HF: None
O.C.C.’s Available: Any
Natural Abilities: At home in nature, Superior Physical prowess, and beauty, generally high intelligence At home in nature, Can walk in the forest without disturbing any creature. All Elves have Infra-vision which extends 90 feet, all elves, they are 90% resistant to sleep and charm spells, but in addition they are completely immune to the paralyzing effect of any undead creature. Other types of paralysis do work against them. Elves can detect secret and concealed doors and compartments as per spell always on get a +1 to strike, parry, initiative, and attack bonus with a sword or bow, +2% on all wilderness and ranger skills.

Attacks per Melee: 2
Damage: A punch does 1D4 damage
Bonuses: None.
Magic: By O.C.C.
Psionics: Varies with ethnicity.
Life Span: 300 years Value: None.
Physical Appearance: Beautiful elves with wildness about them. They are shorter and more human than other elves.
Size: 5'5 to 6'4 feet.
Weight 120 to 220 pounds.

Skills of note: Dragonese/Elven at 98% and one other language of choice at 80% (usually reflects the language of the dimension where they were born in) in addition to any OCC skills, Wp. sword, Wp. Archery-Sharp shot and weapon mastery.

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