Mercoid R.C.C.

The Mercuroid is a creature that is made of a high concentration of Mercury. They Have a silver tone skin. They have the incredible ability to change from solid to a liquid

Allignment: any

Attributes: I.Q.: 3d6

M.E.: 3d6+3

M.A.: 3d6

P.S.: 2d6

P.P.: 3d6+6

P.E.: 3d6+2

P.B.: 1d6+8

Spd: 4d6 in solid form, and 6d6 in liquid form

Hit Points: 1D6+PE

M.D.C.: P.E.+1d6, gains 1d6 at level up Psionics: ectoplasm, telepathy, and telekinesis. Minor Psychic. 5d6+10+ME For permanent ISP base gain 1d6 at level up.

Magic: none

Natural Abilities: Become mercury. The organs and internal structures of the Mercuroid are made of mecury. Thus the Mercuroid can leave it's solid form and become a liquid. The liquid has equal volume to that of the body but will spread out across the ground and form a silver puddle. The liquid form cannot perform any skills and while in this form it can not hold anything which means anything the Mercuroid is wearing will fall off when he/she enters this form. The liquids only way to move things is by ectoplasm and telekinesis. They cannot not speak in this form either. Plus the cannot move up hills the most stay on flat ground or on downhill slopes (2xSpeed) in this form they are impervious to physical attacks, and bullet weapons. If any of the liquid is lost during the change when they morphed into solid form a bit of them may be missing. Sometimes this can be missing. The Mercuroid Can always sense where the rest of it's body is though as long as it is on the same dimension. Bonuses: solid form: ½ damage from projectiles and physical hits, energy and fire etc. do normal damage. Vampires can not suck their blood( will get sick) and is impervious to metamorphisis

Combat: One without any combat training

R.C.C. Skills

Native Language 98%

Language: Two of Choice (+20%)

Math: Basic (+10%)

Prowl (+15%)

Swim (+10)

Lore: demon and monster (+15%)

Tracking (+5%)

Wilderness Survival (+10%)

Land Navigation (+5%)

W.P.: any 2 of choice

Hand to Hand: basic (can be changed expert at the cost of 1 other skill or martial arts/assassin at the cost of 2)

Created by Caleb M.

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