NE-CS1 Cermalyte Black Night-suit

NE-CS1 Cermalyte Black Night-suit

There are many times during combat operations where Mega-Damage body armor is too heavy, bulky and restrictive such as when a character must scale the side of a fifteen story building, or infiltrate a CS base. For these instances, most mercenaries, spies, thieves and assassins have traditionally used a black jumpsuit and mask made from durable, rip-resistant S.D.C. materials. Naruni Enterprises offers a new alterative, a sleek, black, snug-fitting body suit made from a patented, lightweight, Mega-Damage fabric that NE calls Cermalyte. The suit itself provides the wearer with limited M.D.C. protection (30 M.D.C.), but weighs no more than an average set of clothing and allows the individual to move with full mobility. Even the Thermo-Kinetic padded shoulder, forearms and chest plates only add a few extra pounds that are hardly noticed. Additionally, Cermalyte is a black, non-reflective material that makes hiding at night or in shadows easier, plus the soles of the Night-suit are made of a thick, sound absorbent material that virtually assures stealthy movement (+5% to Prowl skill). Can be worn under other clothing, suits, jackets, coats, and other accessories, even power armor.

The Night-suit is a favorite of assassins, spies, master thieves and members of Special Forces. If you are involved in or planning covert and clandestine operations, the Night-suit may be exactly what you need.

Class: Non-Environmental Cemialyte Body Armor.

Size: Human equivalent.

Weight: 4 pounds (1.8 kg).

Mobility: Excellent; no penalties on physical skills or movement.

Color: Comes standard in black.

Bonuses: The black color, cushioned soles of the boots, non-reflective and sound-absorbing material give the wearer a +5% bonus to Prowl.

M.D.C. by Location:

Head — 14 (Optional Helmet adds 30 M.D.C. but costs an extra 6,000 credits)

Arms - 14 each

Legs — 14 each

Main Body — 28

Note: Does not have the standard environmental body armor properties.

Cost: 12,000 credits (26,000 on the Black Market; hard to find).

Note: For an extra 35,000 credits, the armor can be surface coated with a fiber-optic material that can change colors to match the general environment, just like the bestselling NE-C20 Camouflage Variable Armor. The color change takes 1D4 melees (15 to 60 seconds), in which the suit becomes the exact same color as the predominant one in the area. ln the woods, the suit will also create stripes and blotches of lighter and darker colors like a camouflage pattern: Bonus: + 10% to camouflage/hide when motionless and concealed by underbrush (or a -10% penalty for others to Detect Ambush and Detect Concealment), and +5% to the wearer's Prowl skill, The Fiber-optic material lasts for one year or 50 M.D.C. points of damage, whichever comes first.

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