Neo-Tiger RCC

by DreamFox

Humans were not the only natural creatures of Earth who were dramatically

affected by the coming of the Rifts. Unknown to most, several members of the species

Panthera Tigris (Bengal Tiger), were augmented by the overflow of mystical energies.

Their bodies remained unchanged, but their minds underwent an incredible transformation.

They became more cunning, better problem solvers, more alert. Before long, they became

self aware!

Indistinguishable from their more primitive cousins, Homo Tigris roamed

cautiously and slowly into areas settled by humans. They soon realized that the tiger's

ferocious reputation made them very unwelcome. Despite these hardships, most Neo-Tigers

befriended small groups of humans and soon learned their ways. In the many years to

follow, they increased in their knowledge and relations with humans. Most young Neo-Tigers

join up with small groups of humans or humanoids after leaving their mothers.

Homo Tigris is a new species. Structurally, they are identical to normal tigers, but

mentally, they are rational, philosophic creatures capable of incredible insights. They prefer

small groups, usually of humans since their own numbers are quite small. Most prefer

thinking to violence, but will not hesitate to attack as viciously as their primitive relatives

when threatened. They have an amazing grasp of humanity and its technology and sciences

from years of study. They feel some compassion for true tigers, especially the way they are

treated and hunted by humans, but do not associate with them and are separate species (sort

of like comparing a human to a chimp). They cannot produce offspring by mating with

primitive tigers, only with other Neo-Tigers. Gestation period is five months, and bear 1

or 2 young. Cubs stay with their mother for about ten years before going off on their own.

Originally, these creatures were mainly found in Asia, but over time they have

migrated across the globe in their pursuit of enlightenment and knowledge. These creatures

are incredibly curious and have been known to journey from one side of the Earth to the other

to research a few simple facts. They also tend to be very playful at times, enjoying games

similar to those most cats play.

-Typical Alignment: most are Principled or Aberrant, but all alignments exist

-Attributes: IQ: 3D6+4, ME: 3D6+5, MA: 3D6+3, PS: 4D6+2, PP: 4D6+4, PE: 5D6,

PB: 5D6+1, Spd: 3D6+15 (no physical attributes are considered supernatural)

-Height: juveniles (first level) are about 6 feet long, full grown (at about sixth level) they

reach about nine and a half feet, plus 3 foot tail

-Weight: juveniles (first level) are about 400 lbs, full grown (at about sixth level) they are

around 700 pounds

-Average Life Span: 80 years

-Hit Points: PE times 2, plus 2D4 per level of XP SDC: PE plus 4D6 plus 30

-Magic: none initially, but can learn it from human wizards, PPE is 1D4 X 10, plus PE, plus 1D6 per level

-Psionics: All Neo-Tigers have a limited form of Telepathy, called Telepathic Transmission,

which lets them speak to others directly from their minds, however, it does not allow them

to receive messages from the other's brain or read minds. No ISP cost and is always active,

just like normal vocal cords, range is roughly the same as human speech, 150 feet, but is

not affected by background noise. The speech can be focused on only one person, a few

select people, or everyone within range. The recipient of the Transmission will understand

no matter what language they normally speak, however, a Neo-Tiger must still learn the

language to understand what the other person is saying. One major disadvantage of this

psionic is that it cannot be used through radios, telephones, or similar devices.

They may also select one psionic from each category (except super). ISP is (ME + 2D6)

times 2, plus 2D6 per level of XP, they save as Master Psionics. Select one new psionic power

from any category (except super) at levels 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, and 15.

-Horror Factor: 9


Natural Body: The Neo-Tiger's body is still, essentially, a tiger's, and with it comes

all the natural powers inherent to a tiger. They can run in short bursts at double their Spd

attribute for up to 30 seconds (requires at least two minutes of rest in between bursts). They

can see perfectly in the dark up to 500 feet away. They are able to prowl with a proficiency

of 75% (90% in shadowy areas speckled with light, like their coats). Sensitive nose allows

them to track by smell at 65%, +3% per level of XP. They can recognize individuals by scent

at 60%, +4% per level of XP. Keen vision is almost twice as good as an ordinary human's.

They can instinctively swim at 80% proficiency (tigers love the water) and can leap 15 feet

up and 30 feet across.

Enhanced Nature: Certain aspects of the Neo-Tiger's body have taken well to the

mystical energy around them. They regenerate PPE and ISP at twice the normal rate! They

heal at 1 Hit Point/SDC every hour, and they are +3 to save vs. poisons and disease and +5

to save vs. Horror Factor. They can sense supernatural beings and sources of mystical power,

like rune objects, at a range of 300 feet

-Penalties: Let's face it, despite their great minds, they are still cats, and, being cats, there are

many things they are incapable of doing. For one thing, they have no thumbs, and therefore

cannot perform any skills requiring hands with any accuracy (-65%). This, of course, does

not mean they cannot learn skills like Electrical Engineer or MD, many do learn these skills

simply for knowledge's sake, they simply cannot operate on a body or do wiring, but they

can diagnose illnesses or direct another in wiring procedures. They are also not treated as

intelligent beings and most governments still label them as animals. They are normally feared

and hunted when they appear in a city unless they are kept on a leash by a humanoid

(something they find both embarrassing and derogatory).

They can pilot most vehicles (other than robots or power armor) without too

much difficulty (-20% ). If the vehicle (or robot or power armor) is specially built/modified

for the Neo-Tiger, they can pilot it with no difficulty or penalty.

-Appearance: Identical to a normal tiger. Quadruped stance, long thin body, and a thin tail.

Each has a unique pattern of black, orange, and white striped fur. Green, blue or yellow eyes.

-RCC Skills:

Language: Tigarian: 98% (highly complex system of roars, purrs, mews, and grunts)

Any 2 Additional Languages, including literacy (+15%)

Basic and Advanced Math (+25%)

Basic Electronics (+15%)

Basic Mechanics (+15%)

Any 1 Lore Skill (+15%)

Climbing (+20%)

Any 1 Science Skill (+15%)

Wilderness Survival (+20%)

Identify Plants and Animals (+25%)


Land Navigation (+10%)

RCC Related Skills: Select 6 additional skills from the list below. Choose another two skills

at every third level (3, 6, 9, 12, 15)

Communications: Any

Domestic: Any

Electrical: Any (+5%)

Espionage: Any except Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, and Sniper

Mechanical: Any (+5%)

Medical: Any (+5%, +10% to Holistic)

Military: Any

Physical: Any, except HTH skills

Pilot: Any (see penalties above), except Horsemanship

Pilot Related: Any

Rogue: Any except Palming, Pick Locks, and Pick Pockets

Science: Any (+10%)

Technical: Any (+10%)

WP: yeah, right

Wilderness: Any (+10%), except Boat Building and Carpentry

-Secondary Skills: Select any 5 skills from the list above, but without the listed parenthesis

-Combat: begins with four attacks per melee (no HTH Combat skills can be learned, but

Boxing is applicable, sort of), +3 to initiative, +5 to strike, +6 to dodge (cannot parry),

automatic dodge, critical strike on a natural roll of 19-20, death blow on natural 20. Add

one additional attack, +1 to strike, and +2 to dodge at levels 4, 8, 12, and 15. Damage is

1D4 for a paw swat(no claws), 3D6 for a claw strike, and 6D6 for a full strength claw slash,

leap attacks do double damage, but count as 2 attacks. Bite does 2D6, but they don't bite

often (they claim it leaves a nasty taste in their mouths). (Bonuses and damage do not

include bonuses from attributes.)

-Diet/Environment: Primarily carnivores, but do eat some vegetables and fruits. The require

about five to six pounds of meat a day, plus a total of about five pounds of fruit or vegetables

per week.

Prefer tropical, natural settings, but their curiosity drives them towards anything

around them. Can survive in most environments.

-Enemies: hunted by many for their fur , not treated as civilized beings by most governments

and people

-Allies: mutual respect and friendship with Nekoro, they are also fond of Techno-Wizards,

but generally any open-minded individual is befriended

-Armor: initially none, if they want any type of armor, it must be custom-made to fit a feline

form (costs three times as much), but most do not like armor, as it restricts their motion

and is uncomfortable, most higher-level Neo-Tigers have a specially built power armor

(some even have a specially rebuilt Glitterboy-type armor) stashed away somewhere in

case of emergency

-Weapons: begin with none (hey, no hands) usually, their claws and friends are enough,

many have Techno-Wizard devices specially designed to fit over a paw or into a collar.

-Starting Equipment: a simple, backpack-like satchel containing a few days' worth of dried

food, a large, tough ball or similar toy, a few books, a watch, a few pictures (mostly of their

mother and their friends), and a blanket or two

-Starting Money: very little, they are given 2D6 X 10 credits by their mother and her friends

before striking out on their own

-Cybernetics: possible, but because of the differences in body structures, all cybernetic and

bionic parts must be specially made (costing twice as much), psionics and magic powers are

lost as per normal rules, except Telepathic Transmission power, which survives unless they

become full conversion borgs.

-XP Table:

1 0000 - 1,950

2 1,951 - 3,900

3 3,901 - 7,800

4 7,801 - 15,600

5 15,601 - 23,200

6 23,201 - 33,400

7 33,401 - 48,800

8 48,801 - 68,900

9 68,901 - 94,000

10 94,001 - 124,100

11 124,101 - 174,200

12 174,201 - 224,300

13 224,301 -274,400

14 274,401 - 334,500

15 334,501 - 394,600

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