Phase Dragon v1

Phase Dragon R.C.C.

Alignment: Any
Attributes: IQ: 3D6+8 (4D6+12 FOR ADULT), ME: 3D6+8 (4D6+12), MA: 3D6+8 (4D6+12), PS: 3D6+8 (4D6+12), PP: 2D6+6 (3D6+10), PE: 2D6+4 (3D6+8), PB: 2D6+4 (3D6+8), SPD: 3D6+10 (4D6+12)
Hit Points: PEx20 (PEx50)
S.D.C.: 1D6x1000 (2D6x1000)
Horror Factor: 11 (15)
P.P.E.: 2D6x10+20 (2D6x100+200)
I.S.P.: MEx10+15 per level
Natural Abilities: Phase Bodies: They are in a permanent state of phase. The energies from most weopons pass right through th phase dragon.SDC weopons do half damage and MDC weopons do SDC.
Phase Teleportation: The dragon can step out of phase and travel at incredible speeds in an intangible state.Same as the first stage promeathean, but range is two miles, Base Skill: 65%+5% per level.
Sense Dimensional Anomolies: As per the first stage promethaen. Range: 2 miles or line of sight
Metamorphosis: Into a first stage promethean only. Duration: unlimited
Ley Line Phasing: Equal to a ley line walker ability
Vulnerabilities: As per promethean
Breath Weaopon: Phase Cloud: All creatures caught in cloud (20'x20'x20') will become phased (no save). No damage can be recieved or inflicted while phased. Duration: 2d6 minutes
Phase Abilities: Equal to phase adept powers.
Damage: Claws, exibit phase weopon peculiarities. They go through armor to damage the body inside. 4D6 SDC/MDC.
Bite inflicts the same phase abilities 3d6 SDC/MDC.
Magic: Choose four Temporal spells at level one and one spell per each additional level.
Combat/Bonuses: Same as Chiang-Ku dragon
R.C.C. Skills: same as Chiang-Ku dragon
Appearance: The dragon' natural form is that of a misty grey four legged, winged lizard with a long tale. The head is wide and angular. The mouth filled with sharp spiked teeth. The front legs can be used as arms and hands. They have six digits, four fingers and two side by side thumbs. The eyes are electric sapphire blue.
Size: 20' to 50' long,15' to 25' tall (in promethean from they stand 8-10ft tall)
Weight: N/A
Average Life Span: Unknown, Possibly 10,000 years.

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