===Physical Psionics: ===

Alter Aura

Range: Self

Duration: One hour per each level of experience.

I.S.P.: 2

Savings Throw: None

A truly unique power that many psychic investigators claim is impossible and does not exist. Only a handful of physical psychics can manipulate their physical energy in such a way that it changes their aura.

The altered aura will send the wrong message to those who can see auras. Alterations include:

• General level of experience can be made to seem much lower (level 1 or 2) or much higher (2D4 levels higher) than it really is.

• Conceal the presence of psychic powers.

• Conceal level of base P.P.E. (made to seem much lower).

• Conceal the presence of magic.

Death Trance

Range: Self

Duration: As long as the psychic senses he must feign death, up to

a maximum of four days.

I.S.P.: 1, (It's easy for the physical psychic to control his body,

because that's the focus of his powers).

A state of mind over matter that slows the metabolism to such a

degree that it creates a temporary state of suspended animation, simulating

death. Without hospital facilities, even a medical doctor is likely

to believe the character is dead (1-89% likelihood). The effects of drugs,

toxins and chemicals are slowed to a crawl, doing 1/4 damage or effect,

but will take full effect the instant the death trance is stopped (unless

treatment is administered first). While in the death-like state, the psychic

can not be roused or respond to any type of stimulation, including

psychic probes. This means he is incapable of attacking or defending

himself in any way until the trance is broken.


Range: 40ft + 5ft per level of experience(12.2+ 1.5m).

Duration: 4 minutes (16 melees) per level of experience.

I.S.P.: Vapor — 6 I.S.P., Solid — 12 I.S.P.

This mystifying ability enables the psychic to create a slightly luminous,

vapor-like substance that is exuded from the pores. Ectoplasm has

two forms: an invisible vapor and a luminous, solid state.

The vapor is a sort of floating, probing finger that can snuffout

candles, open doors, knock over or pick up small objects (weighing

under 9 ounces/255 grams), tap somebody on the shoulder, rustle leaves

and knock on a door. The ectoplasmic vapor can be seen only by its

creator, psychics and supernatural beings who can see the invisible, or

with infrared optic systems (including i.r. camera lenses, i.r. gun sights,

etc.). Ectoplasm, although an invisible vapor, has physical properties,

which means it can not go through walls or other solid obstructions.

Thus, a person walking into an ectoplasm stream may feel a slight

sensation, like walking into a spider's web or brushing against a cotton

ball. Often a person will unwittingly walk into and snag the stream of

floating ectoplasm, pulling or stretching it along without being aware

of it. In such cases, the psychic must maneuver the snagged portion to

loop around the human obstruction. The creator of the vapor can control

the full length of the vaporous stream like a floating tentacle. Although

the vapor can not go through solid objects it can slip through keyholes,

cracks under doors or loose seals around a window. If a breeze can

blow through, so can ectoplasm. The only drawback is that the character

must be able to see the ectoplasm to maneuver it.

The solid state of ectoplasm can be a startling sight, for it is clearly

visible to everyone. In this form the ectoplasm can be shaped into an

extra limb, such as a hand or arm and hand, or tentacle or even a foot.

The ectoplasmic limb appears as a white, slightly luminous appendage

connected to a trail of ectoplasm stretching back to its creator like a

life-line of silly putty. The appendage and its connecting line can hover,

float, levitate and fly (at a speed of 18). The solid ectoplasmic limb

has much greater strength; able to carry, lift or hold up to 401bs/18kg,

but can not squeeze through the tiny openings that the vapor can. An

opening must be at least the size of a quarter for solid ectoplasm to fit,

and then the limb must be turned into a thin tentacle and reformed on

the other side of the opening. Ectoplasm can also be used to create a

face or even a full figure, although detailed features are impossible.

Ectoplasmically created images may explain apparitions reported during

some seances.

Ecto-Combat: The ectoplasm vapor and solid form both have an

automatic dodge against all attacks directed at any of its length. That

means an attempt to hack the middle of the ectoplasmic stream/connecting

line will see that portion of the ectoplasm suddenly swerve, loop

or bend with a life of its own to avoid the attack. The dodge at the

midsection (or anywhere else) does not count as an attack/action by the

appendage at the other end. The appendage also gets an automatic

dodge in addition to its attacks/actions per melee. A vapor or solid

appendage must be controlled by its creator at all times (except the

automatic dodge); thus, it has a number of attacks/actions equal to its

creator's. So, if the psychic has four attacks per melee, the ectoplasm

appendage also has four attacks. However, each attack/action by the

ectoplasm counts as one of the character's attacks/actions that melee.

The solid ectoplasm appendage is not a great tool for combat. It

limits the person's attacks/actions per melee and has minimal strength;

equal to about a P.S. attribute of 4. A punch or kick does a mere one

point of damage. Damage can be increased by the appendage using any

type of hand-held weapon under 401bs and less than five feet (1.5m)

in length. Small modern weapons, such as a pistol or revolver, can be

used, but are minus -10 to strike. The vapor can not use any weapons

weighing more than 9 ounces and can inflict no damage of its own.

Ecto-Combat Statistics

• Vapor and solid get an automatic dodge against all attacks, including

multiple or simultaneous attacks.

• +5 to dodge; applies to vapor and solid.

• + 1 to parry; applies to vapor and solid.

• + 1 to strike; applies to vapor and solid.

• Astral S.D.C. is 40 plus one hit point. Applies to vapor and solid.

If the ectoplasm is destroyed the creator takes one hit point and 10

S.D.C. of physical damage.

• Vapor inflicts no physical damage, but can touch, tap or pickup and

carry objects weighing 9 ounces or less.

• Solid ectoplasm inflicts one point of damage in combat or by weapon.

• Attacks or actions per melee are equal to its creator's. Each attack/action

by the ectoplasm, excluding dodges, counts as one of the character's

attacks that melee. A pair of ectoplasmic limbs will divide the

attack between the two equally.

• Sunlight or bright artificial light (250 watts) reduces the range to half.

• Maximum range possible for vapor and solid is 40ft plus 5ft per

level of experience (12.2+1.5 meters per level).

• One full melee (15 seconds) is required to create an ectoplasm vapor

or solid appendage.

• Half a melee (7 seconds) is needed to withdraw/return ectoplasm

into its creator.

Impervious to Cold

Range: Self

Duration: 20 minutes per level of experience.

Length of Trance: 1D4 melees for preparatory meditation.

I.S.P.: 2

A mind over matter discipline which enables the character to suffer

absolutely no ill effects or discomfort from exposure to even extreme

freezing conditions.

Impervious to Fire

Range: Self

Duration: 3 minutes per level of experience.

Length of Trance: 2D4 melees for preparatory meditation.

I.S.P.: 4

Another mind over matter discipline enabling the psychic to endure

intense heat, fire, boiling water, hot coals, and so on, without suffering

pain, damage or scarring. Magic fires inflict half damage.

Impervious to Poison/Toxin

Range: Self

Duration: 2 minutes (8 melees)

I.S.P.: 4

The character can negate the full effects of poisons and toxic chemicals

which he has ingested (eaten or drank) or introduced into the

bloodstream, as long as he/she has advance knowledge of its deadly

properties. A poison, toxin, or drug which has been unknowingly inflicted

(and starting to take effect) can be negated too, but will do half

damage or effect before it can be completely negated. Bonuses: Identify

poisons — 30% + 4% per level of experience; + 2 to save vs poisons

and drugs.


Range: Up to 60ft/18.3m away.

Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: Small — 2, medium — 6, large — 6 plus 1 per every 10 lbs

over 20 1bs.

Savings Throw: None

Levitation is a limited form of telekinesis that can raise an object (or even a person) straight up into the air and suspend it there (hover).

Small objects weighing two pounds (0.9kg) or less are the easiest to levitate. Maximum height is 8ft (2.4m) plus one foot (0.3m) per each level of experience.

Medium size objects weighing 3 to 20 pounds (1.4 to 9.1kg) are more difficult, requiring greater concentration. Maximum height is 6ft (1.8m) plus one foot (0.3m) per level of experience.

Large objects or people weighing over 201bs cost 6 I.S.P. plus 1 I.S.P. for every 10 lbs beyond 20. Thus, a 1251b weight (56.7kg) would require 17 I.S.P. to raise it into the air. Maximum height is 4ft (1.2m) plus one foot (0.3m) per level of experience.

Mind Block

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4 (per each duration period)

This is the ability to completely close or block oneself from all

psychic/mental emanations. When intentionally closed to supernatural

or psychic forces the character can not sense anything, can not use

psychic abilities, nor be influenced by others. A mind block will prevent

penetration of telepathy, empathy, hypnotic suggestion, and empathic

transfer. It can be an invaluable protective mask when dealing with

malevolent psychic forces. Adds a bonus of + 1 to save vs all psychic

and mental attacks.


Range: Self, visual range about 600 feet (183 m)

Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4

The psionic can adjust his visual capabilities through a form of biomanipulation.

The eyes are made to become much more light sensitive

and basically works on the same principles of mechanical light amplification.

The eyes simply amplify existing light, such as candlelight or

star and moonlight, to see clearly. There must be some source of light

to see (can not see in total darkness).

Note: If suddenly exposed to light brighter than a single candle, the

psychic will be temporarily blinded for 3D4 melees. The nightvision

power can also be used to change one's vision to polarized sight,

reducing glare as would a pair of polarized sun glasses.

Resist Fatigue

Range: Self

Duration: 1 hour + 20 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4

A mind over matter discipline which enables the character to engage

in physical activity without suffering from exhaustion. Although fatigue

is temporarily suspended, the psychic will feel extremely tired and may

even collapse when the psi-power's time limit lapses.

Resist Hunger

Range: Self

Duration: 6 hours

I.S.P.: 2

Another mind over matter discipline that subdues any feeling of

hunger, allowing the character to function at full effectiveness without

nourishment. It is important to point out that while the psi-power maintains

full operations, the body is still suffering from malnutrition and

starvation. Loses 31bs of weight per day. Note: A psychic can survive

up to 60 days, functioning as normal, without any food by continually

using resist hunger. On day 61 the character will lapse into a coma.

Under this extreme condition, 60 days of food deprivation while still

fully active physically, the character is — 20% to save vs coma/death.

Resist Thirst

Range: Self

Duration: 6 hours

I.S.P.: 6

This ability is identical to the resist hunger psi-power except it applies

to the consumption of water. It does not negate the long-range damage

from dehydration.

Summon Inner Strength

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4

This psi-power enables the character to draw on his inner reserves

of strength to ward off pain and fatigue. Every time the psychic calls

upon his inner strength the following bonuses apply:

• Add + 10 S.D.C.

• Add +2 to save vs poison or toxins.

• Add + 5% to save vs coma/death.

• Fatigue is temporarily forgotten and the character can function as if

he was fully rested for the full duration of the summon inner strength



Range: Up to 60ft (18.3m) away.

Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: Small — 3, medium — 8, large (over 201bs) — 8+1 per

every 10 lbs of weight.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without any other means than directed psychic energy. The character can make an object hop, fall, roll, rise into the air, suspend it there (hover) or make it fly across the room. In order to move an object by telekinesis, the item must be clearly visible, within the psychic's range (60ft/18.3m) and the point of focus. As usual, the psychic must concentrate on what he is doing; thus, each telekinetic feat counts as one of the character's physical attacks. The total number of telekinetic attacks is equal to the character's number of physical attacks per melee; usually 3 or 4. One can attack with telekinesis by hurling an object as if thrown or causing it to buzz about a room, swinging and hitting like a club controlled by an invisible hand. Several objects can be telekinetically thrown around within the same melee round, but not simultaneously. The psychic can only concentrate on one item at a time.

For Example:''' A physical psychic with four, normal, hand to hand attacks per melee can perform four attacks with telekinesis. First, he makes a flower vase fly from the table, aiming it at his opponent's head. Second, he makes the lamp hurl at the guard at the door. Third, the table is suddenly flipped up on end and, fourth, the doorknob is turned and the door flung open.

Four attacks or actions using telekinesis. As we can see in the example, telekinesis can be used to do more

than making objects fly around. The telekinetic power can be used to open doors, flick switches, press buttons, turn knobs and dials, open windows, make a rocking chair rock and so on. The range of possibilities is extensive when you stop and think about it. Remember, each action counts as one of the character's physical actions/attacks per melee.

It is easiest to move or hurl small objects weighing two pounds (0.9kg or less). Maximum height or distance is 60ft (18.3m).

Medium size objects weighing 3 to 20 pounds (1.4 to 9.1kg) are more difficult to manipulate. Maximum height or distance is reduced by half— 30 feet (9.1m).

Large or heavy objects weighing over 201bs are the most difficult to maneuver, reducing maximum height and distance to 15ft (4.6m). I.S.P. cost for large, heavy objects is 81.S.P. for the first 201bs (9.1kg) plus one I.S.P. for each additional 10 lbs (4.5kg) of weight. This means it would cost 19 I.S.P. to move a 1251b (56.7kg) weight (8 I.S.P. for the first 201bs+ 11 I.S.P. for the remaining 1051bs). Remember, the height and distance of effect is limited to 15ft (4.6m) for such a heavy item.

Combat Bonuses:

• + 3 to strike with telekinesis; physical/skill bonuses to strike do not apply when telekinesis is used.

• +4 to parry with telekinesis, by using a controlled object to parry or sheer telekinetic force to block an attack. Counts as a medium heavy object; costs 8 I.S.P.

• Damage from Hurled Objects:

Small: 6 ounces to 1 pound — 1D4

Small: l 1/2 to 2 1bs— 1D6

Medium: 3 to 41bs — 2D4

Medium: 5 to 10 lbs — 3D4

Medium: 11 to 251bs — 3D6

Large: 26 to 401bs — 4D6

Add 1D6 for each additional 201bs of weight.

Note: Telekinesis is not a force field, thus, while it can be used to parry/block a punch, kick, club, knife or even sword, it can not stop bullets, arrows, gas, flying tackles, and similar attacks. Furthermore, a failed roll to telekinetically parry means the psychic did not parry and is struck by his opponent.

Inner strength= <5> 4 +4hrs/lv +6ps/pe/spd +8 to all saving throws +30% vs coma no fear/hunger/thirst/fatigue/pain for duration must have defense art to gain

Psi-Shield: Lesser

Range: Self
Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience
I.S.P. Cost: 10

This is a less powerful version of the Psi-Shield. This shieldis not as durable as its cousin, but provides protection none the less.

This shield's abilities are similar, but their are a few differences: Can be used to parry hand to hand combat attacks form robots, power armor, magic.

This shield can be used to parry projectiles, missiles, and energy attacks - though it is not advised due to their strength, blast radius, and that they are between -3 to -8 to parry This shield cannot deflect missiles, projectiles, or energy attacks This shield has 100 S.D.C. per level of the psychic, thus it's not recommended for defending against mega damage attacks


Range: Self
Duration: 3 melees per level of experience
Time to activate: Requires one full melee of concentration to activate.
I.S.P. Cost: 10

WARNING!!!! this power is very dangerous to use!
This power stimulates the area of the brain that controls the release of adrenalin, thus causing it to release more temporarily to give a burst of extra strength. This power once active will give an additional 1D6 to P.S. for the duration of the power.

Warning: If the maximum additional P.S. points are gained (+6), then at the end of the duration the Psy must roll a save vs. Harmful Durgs or lapse into a coma (and thus must begin using the "Surviving Coma and Death" rules found on page 10 of the RIFTS main book).
If the Save is successful save again vs. Non-lethal Poison to see if the Psy. is exhausted for 1D4 hours; during which no psionics may be used.

Alter Mass

Range: Self

Duration: 2 rounds per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 8

The psychic can alter their mass in one of two ways:

l Downwards reduces weight by 65% +2% per level, and adds 15% to prowl, doubles leaping

distance and increases speed by +12.

l Upwards makes the psychic tougher, adding 65% +5% per level extra mass, granting an A.R.

of 8, and adding +2 to all basic hand-to-hand attacks and grants +10 to S.D.C. or M.D.C., but

reduces speed by 25%.

Body Bolster

Range: Self

Duration: See below

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 14

The psychic can cause their body to work in overdrive in healing and repairing wounds. Piercing and

cutting wounds of any sort, as well as wounds from energy sources/weapons inflict half damage while

this power is in use, effectively bouncing off the psychic's skin. Duration is one melee, plus another

melee at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 and costs 14 I.S.P. to use.


Range: Self

Duration: Permanent

Saving Throw: None

ISP: See below

The psychic may burn off one P.E. point to instantly receive 20 H.P. These extra H.P. will increase their H.P. total (up to 10x extra, maximum). This may be performed even while unconscious, or dying, but not after death has occurred. The P.E. loss is permanent.

Ectoplasmic Disk

Range: up to 100 feet away.

Duration: 10 minutes + 5 minutes per level

Saving Throw: None.

ISP: 45 plus special

Prerequisite: Ectoplasm

This psionic ability creates a disk made of ectoplasm that is used for carrying heavy loads. It can hold

200 lbs and each additional 100 lbs costs an additional 10 I.S.P. The disk cannot move beyond 100 feet

(30.5 m) otherwise it disappears. It can levitate up to 120 feet (119.6 m) up and moves at a speed of 15

(10 MPH.) The disk isn't a precise, surgical tool and makes a lousy weapon. If, for whatever reason, it is used to attack an opponent directly (such as ramming or falling) all direct attacks are at -2.

Ectoplasmic Net

Range: 40 feet + 5 feet per level of experience.

Duration: 4D6 minutes

Saving Throw: None (see below)

ISP: 20

Prerequisite: Ectoplasm & Telekinesis

The practiced psychic can generate a ectoplamic net in a single melee action that is strong and resistant

to damage. Any targets ensnared by the net are entangled to a point that they are pinned (no melee

actions). Only a combined supernatural strength of 30 is capable of breaking the net within one melee.

Otherwise, the net lasts for 4D6 minutes. The net itself has 30 M.D.C. and conventional weapons only

inflict one quarter damage to it. Magic and psionic attacks will inflict full damage.

The Ectoplasmic Net requires a successful strike to entangle and is +4 to strike.

Ectoplasmic Whip

Range: 20 feet

Duration: 1 melee/level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 20

Prerequisite: Ectoplasm

This psychic ability generates a tentacle from their arm made of ectoplasm that can be used as a

defensive weapon. The tentacle itself has a 20 foot range (6.1 m) and does 3D6 S.D.C. to opponents.

Alternatively, the Ectoplasmic tentacle can be used to restrain an opponent if he is less then 12 feet tall

(3.7 m). Instead of doing damage, the tentacle wraps around the opponent and pin them so that the

victim is completely immobile. Can only break free by pulling the tentacle off (the tentacles are

considered to have a P.S. of 30), or somebody else can try chopping the tentacle off (considered to

have 20 M.D.C.)


Range: Self

Duration: 6 hours per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: See below

Ectoweave is a variant power of Ectoplasm and Ectoplasmic Disguise, in that it produces large

Quantities of ectoplasm, mentally and physically shaped into a fabric-like substance, rather than

Producing false flesh or animated phantom limbs. In its simplest form, Ectoweave creates a light, white colored, tissue-paper-like fabric that dissolves when its lifespan duration runs out. However, with

Additional concentration and an investment of I.S.P., longer-lived and more specific types of fabric

(Wool, cotton, tweed, silk, angora, etc.) can be produced. With additional practice, a psychic with this

Ability can produce copies of dresses, uniforms, costumes, and the like, or even shape their own


Ectofabrics have several advantages over regular fabrics; they are lighter, non allergenic (great for

bandages), are disposable (most Ectofabrics dissolve into thin air after a day or so), can be produced

fairly quickly (great if one has to whip up several disguises in a hurry), and have a longer duration than

Ectoplasmic Disguises. On the minus side, ectofabrics can be easily detected by psionic Sensitive

powers and magics, and they are relatively delicate (even the heavier fabrics like wool), supplying

S.D.C. equal to only one-half the M.E. of the psychic who created it (rounded down).

Ectofabric can be made permanent by "bonding" the ectoplasm to another fabric (typically a cheaper,

ruder, fabric than that being imitated) at a ratio of 1 square foot of "impregnated" base fabric to 2

square foot of ectofabric, the result is a longer-lasting fabric with slightly more durability (add the base

strength of the bonded fabric to that of the ectoplasm). An additional benefit of this power is that the

resulting fabric can be applied to walls, doors and other surfaces making them impenetrable to entities

and astral projectors/coexistors, giving the psychic much needed privacy from outsiders.

In the more fashionable communities of game worlds, this ability is often used by back alley tailors and

sweatshops to produce short-lived knockoffs of more expensive designs, or to produce temporary

disposable dresses and suits for a fraction of the cost of a real dress/jacket. Some medical clinics use

Ectoweave to mass-produce disposable bandages in emergencies.

Ectoweave I.S.P Cost:

7: for a simple ectofabric

10: for specific fabric type/weave

12: to duplicate a dress or uniform (must have the clothing or a sample to be imitated on hand)

15: to produce an original design (off the top of one's head)

+6: to extend the lifespan of the ectofabric by another 6 hours per level

+20: to bond the ectofabric to a permanent fabric

Edit Pain

Range: Self

Duration: 1 melee per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 5

The psychic uses a form of Bio-Manipulation to temporarily intercept pain signals from their body.

This means the psychic can handle hot materials or otherwise take damage without feeling it. Use of

this power is dangerous as the character will not know the amount of damage they've taken while the

power is active, so the GM should keep it secret. When the power is over there still may be some

lingering of pain. This does not prevent the psychic from noticing a bullet-hole or blistering flesh, etc.

Enhance Reflexes

Range: Self

Duration: 3 rounds per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 10

This power adds a small bonus to the psychic's reflexes, affecting their overall abilities. For the

duration, the psychic adds +2 to P.P., +3 to initiative and +15% to skills that require a delicate touch,

balance and/or coordination.

Fire Cracker

Range: 60 feet


Saving Throw: None

ISP: 6

The psychic can use harsh Telekinetic forces to create a ripple of air followed by a vacuum. This

causes a loud crack (Horror Factor of 8) and will inflict 2D4 S.D.C. damage to a target (2D4x5 damage

this to fragile items like clay, ceramic or glass) if aimed at a living target, an attack roll of natural 18 or

better will distort the inner ear, causing the the target to lose 1 action and inflicting double damage.

The psychic is +2 to strike, and opponents are -4 to dodge as this attack literally comes out of nowhere.

The attack cannot do M.D.

Generate Light

Range: See below

Duration: See below

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 2 or 14

The psychic can tap energetic forces to produce light, as either a ball of radiance or a beam. The Light

may come from a fixed item, or from a floating point and move at Spd. 8. The light radiates for 45 feet

in all directions, or for 100 feet as a spotlight. Lasts 10 minutes per level. For 14 I.S.P., the psychic's

whole body can super-illuminate for 1 minute per level. This blinding light will harm all beings

vulnerable to light, and will radiate for 300 feet.


Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 12

Another form of Bio-Manipulation, this power allows the psychic to enlarge themselves and their

corresponding mass while using it. The power offers no shape-changing abilities, so the psychic simply

grows into a larger version of themselves. The psychic can grow up to 1 foot per level of experience.

As the psychic grows, so does their weight.

The psychic's new weight is figured by the following formula:

1. Take the new height

2. Divide by the original height

3. Cube it

4. Then multiply that by their original weight

5. this is the character's new weight

So if the psychic is 6 feet tall and 200 lbs and they Grow to 8 feet, they weigh: (8/6) = 1.3; 1.3^3 =

2.37; 2.37 * 200 = 474 lbs.

For triple the I.S.P. the psychic may affect their clothing and equipment.

Heightened Sight

Range: See below

Duration: 1 minute per level of experience

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 4

This power grants the psychic the ability to see clearer & farther, much like a Rifts Crazy O.C.C. A

form of Bio-Manipulation which gives perfect 20/20 vision, excellent color vision and exceptional long

range vision, allowing them to read a sign or recognize a face up to 2 miles away.

Heightened Smell

Range: Immediate area

Duration: 1 minute per level of experience

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 2

Provides an enhanced sense of smell, which enables the psychic to instantly recognize odors 65%,

recognize person by scent 25%, and even track by smell 30%.

Heightened Touch

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level of experience

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 2

Gives the psychic and enhanced sense of touch, which allows the character to recognize very slight

differences in textures by touch. Adds +10% to all skills that require a delicate touch.


Range: Self

Duration: Permanent

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 12 I.S.P. permanently, plus 4 permanent I.S.P. every 10 years.

The psychic uses Bio-Kinetic talents to render themselves immortal. This permanently reduces their

I.S.P. score by 12. The psychic no longer ages, and has +10% to Save vs Coma. If reduced to a point

where they cannot be saved,they may expend 1 I.S.P. per H.P. below their normal threshold to remain

alive. This power needs to be renewed every decade or so, costing 4 permanent I.S.P.

Kinetic Drain

Range: 20 foot radius + 2 feet per level

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: None

ISP: See below

This power, is similar to that used by "Neo" in "The Matrix", and is the ability to slowly drain kinetic

energy from an area. The drain is small and delicate so it will only work on small objects. While in use,

the psychic drains kinetic energy from the surrounding area using it as a buffer against attacks.

Projectile attacks are drained of energy and stop before falling to the floor. The psychic expends 1

I.S.P. per bullet or other projectile to be affected. The power affects all in the area, the psychic is

unable to single out specific attacks to be unaffected. If insufficient I.S.P. is paid, then all projectiles

have the excess damage split between them (Jono holds out a hand and squeezes the energy out of the

zone. 12 rounds are in the zone at the time, but he spends only 10 I.S.P. The remaining 2 rounds would

inflict 3D6 each so 6D6 damage is rolled (14 points) and divided equally amongst all 12 bullets or 1

point for 10 bullets and 2 points for two bullets). If the psychic is stopping less than half the bullets in

an area this power fails. Unlike other powers the psychic must pay as they use it, and can be canceled

with a thought.

Personal Environment Bubble

Range: Self

Duration: 4 minutes per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 20

The psychic creates a bubble of force that seals in the current environment and stabilizes it. Pressure,

temperature, air are all regulated while in the bubble, which moves at a speed equal to the psychic's

M.E. The bubble may be penetrated by anything moving slowly enough, and has a total of 12 S.D.C.

(M.D.C. is not possible). The power can be used to make the psychic immune to great pressure such as

outer space or under water, up to a certain depth. See Rifts Underseas for more details.

Personal Force Field

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 16

Creates a telekinetic field around the psychic's body and possessions that provides A.R. 8 and 20

S.D.C. or 20 M.D.C. in mega-damage settings. It prevents the use of firearms and disallows the

psychic from manipulating items, as the force field covers the hands and fingers, making them mitten like.

Polarized Vision

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 4

Another form of Bio-Manipulation, this power gives the psychic control over their optic nerves,

controlling the iris to react instantly to bright light sources, preventing them from being blinded.


Range: The area of effect is 20 feet across, plus 2 feet per level, but rarely leaves a confined area

Duration: Lasts one minute, plus one melee per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 15

Creates a field of Telekinetic Chaos in a restricted area. For the duration, random items are grabbed

and hurled in random directions. The area becomes a damaging field. Even air and bodies are buffeted.

Damage is 1D6, 3 times a round in an empty area, rising to 4D6 in an area cluttered with heavy or

sharp objects. More importantly, those inside the area are at -2 to all combat actions and -20% to skills

while inside the area of effect, due to the chaos.


Range: Self or up to 1 foot per level

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 2

This power allows the psychic to use minor telekinetic power to brush off and remove dust, blood

sweat and grime. Can be applied on any target. Applied to water, this removes silt, dust, grime, slime

and impurities from 20 gallons per level.


Range: See below

Duration: 20 minutes plus 4 minutes per level.

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 10

The psychic creates a mild Telekinetic force with limited sentience and motor control, to temporarily

perform tasks and other minor functions. The servant needs no orders and is technically invisible. It is

too dumb to spy, and it has trouble with fine motor skills (-20%), but otherwise possesses all the

memories and most of the knowledge of the creator. Useless in combat. Has a P.S. of 6, P.P. of 6, I.Q.

of 6, Spd. of 18, it has 4 H.P., and 10 S.D.C., but as a disembodied Telekinetic force, it is difficult to

see, much less hit, and can only be affected by energy or psychic attacks.

Pyrokinetic Jump

Range: Self (see below)

Duration: Instant

Saving Throw: None.

ISP: 5

Prerequisite: Psychic must also have the power of Pyrokinesis or be a Burster (see below) Much like the Flame Panthers of the secret city of Omagua, this gives the psychic the ability to launch himself over great distance by using a controlled flame discharge. The psychic cannot steer in flight, effectively becoming a living bullet launched towards the target area. The range of such a jump is 200 feet (61.0 m) + 10 feet per level of experience. When activated, anyone (including the psychic if not resistant or immune to fire) within a 5 foot (1.5 m) radius will take 2D4 M.D. from the "jet blast". On descent, another Pyrokinetic Jump will be needed to slow down and avoid crashing. If one is not performed, assume that the psychic has fallen the equivalent distance in feet! Any Burster who takes this ability relinquishes one minor psionic power.


Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 10

Another form of Bio-Manipulation, this power allows the psychic to shrink themselves and their

corresponding mass. The power offers no shape-changing abilities, so the psychic simply grows into a

smaller version of themselves. The psychic can shrink up to 1 foot per level of experience and 1 inch

per level below 1 foot. As the psychic shrinks, so does their weight.

The psychic's new weight is figured by the following formula:

1. Take the new height

2. Divide by the original height

3. Cube it

4. Then multiply that by their original weight

5. this is the character's new weight

So if the psychic is 6 feet tall and 200 lbs and they Shrink to 3 feet, they weigh: (3/6) = .5; .5^3 = .125;

.125 * 200 = 25 lbs. Shrinking smaller than 1 foot is possible, just convert feet to inches.

For triple the I.S.P. the psychic may affect their clothing and equipment.

Strength of Will

Range: Self

Duration: 3 minutes per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 10

For 10 I.S.P. and a duration of 3 minutes per level, the psychic can enhance their own strength. They may substitute their M.E. for their P.S. for the duration, or add a bonus to their P.S. equal to their M.E. saving throw bonus, with a minimum of +1.

Telekinetic Speed

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 10

This power allows the psychic to temporally increase their speed for a period of time covering more ground when running. For every level of experience, the psychic increases their speed attribute by +5 per level. This enhanced speed is useful when covering long distances on foot. It does not increase the psychic's P.P. ability or add any bonuses to strike or parry. It does, add a +6 dodge when this power is in use.

Telekinetic Takedown

Range: 40 feet + 5 feet per level

Duration: See below

Saving Throw: See below

ISP: 20 and 10 per subsequent action if necessary

The psychic uses harsh Telekinetic forces to grasp a victim, move them up to 6 feet per level, and then slam them downwards into the ground or a nearby obstacle. This force inflicts 4D6 S.D.C. and victims of this attack lose initiative and 1 action the following melee round. The victim can be prevented from leaving, by expending 10 I.S.P. every action, but the psychic can do nothing but concentrate while doing this. Victims may save versus psionics to break free. M.D.C. creatures are not harmed, but can be knocked down by the attack. The psychic is +4 to strike with this effect.


Range: Self or up to 2 feet away

Duration: Tools last 1 melee round per level

Saving Throw: None

ISP: 12

The psychic can forge ectoplasm and Telekinetic force to perform the functions of limited tools. It

costs 12 I.S.P. to forge a tool or device. As a weapon it may do no more than 1D8 or 2D4 damage

(doubled in ectoplasmic-rich environments) as a tool, it cannot be exceptionally sharp (like a scalpel)

but will be extraordinarily tough (possesses M.E. x4 S.D.C.). No electrical or chemical reactions may

be made with the devices (but an ordinary firing pin in an ectoplasmic gun will fire ordinary bullets)

Tools lose 4 S.D.C. per melee after power's duration ends.

Requires: Ectoplasm

Flight (By Mystinar)

Range: Self

Duration: 10 minutes per level

I.S.P.: 10+

This power is a hybrid of Levitation (Alternate) and Telekinesis, which allows the psychic to fly, with a speed attribute of 20, +5 per level. Each additional I.S.P. spent increases the speed attribute by 1 point. Up to 2 points per level may be added to the cost.

Levitation (Alternate) (By Mystinar)

Range: Self

Duration: 1 melee per level

I.S.P.: 3+

This is a limited form of Gyrokinesis. It allows you to alter gravity’s affect on yourself, reducing your weight by 25%. By spending an additional point of I.S.P., you may reduce your weight by an additional 50%. You can go as far as reducing your weight by 200%, but that would make you “float like a balloon”.

Negative Energy Blast (By Mystinar)

Range: 1000 feet (304.8m)

Duration: Instant

I.S.P.: 10

This power shoots a blast of anti-life at the target, who takes 1D6 H.P. damage, +2 per level. The target must make a save vs. psionics or fall helplessly to the ground until they receive psychic or magical healing, or until the damage from the attack is naturally healed, whichever comes first. 10% of all Necromancers have this power, used for 5 P.P.E.

'Ping' (By Mystinar)

Range: 100 feet (30.4m)

Duration: Instant

I.S.P.: 1

This power allows the psychic to send a small burst of psychic energy to a person or creature. The impact feels like a light tap, which seems to penetrate half an inch into the skin (painless). Generally, this power is used to get someone’s attention or to create a distraction.

'Psi-Ball' (By Axe-Master)

Range: Line of sight, forms in your hand

Duration: 1 minute per point of P.P.E. in the ball

I.S.P.: 1+, add 100 to make it last for 1 year.

This is a somewhat useful power that all psychics have at level one, for free. You can do a lot of stuff with this, although it is mostly for fun. The most basic thing you can do is throw it at something or make it float around. It can be felt, but it feels different for each person. Usually it is a tingling sensation, but other times it could be heat or cold, or have a magnet-like push or pull. Although, it doesn't usually impart physical force. If you throw it at something weighing less than one ounce, it will get moved or knocked down by it. It takes one action to do something with a Psi-Ball. Note that a Psi-Ball may be made into any shape.

-Beacon: If you have the psychic power, Telepathy, you can make the Psi-Ball broadcast its location to everyone within 100 feet (30.4 meters). You can also attach this to a person, so that you may track them. The beacon can broadcast to only select individuals, if you wish.

-Deliver Energy: You can place extra I.S.P. into the Psi-Ball, and then deliver it to another character. The I.S.P. is given to him. I.S.P. cost is increased by however much I.S.P. you are delivering. Up to five points per level may be delivered.

-Distraction: You can cause the Psi-Ball to explode in a person's face, which deals them 1 point of damage to their H.P. or S.D.C. and makes them lose their next attack. This destroys the Psi-Ball.

-Magnet: The Psi-ball creates a magnetic pull or push, which can be used to drag small metallic objects, disrupt electrical equipment, DELETE HARD DRIVES, etc. A series of these could act as a lightning rod.

-Modify Emotions: You can modify a person's mood by one step, making it better or worse. You must pay 1 additional MP to use this function.

Other things may be done with a Psi-Ball, as it can be programmed to do a variety of things. Players should be allowed to use their creativity.

Telekinetic Wedgie (By Axe-Master)

Range: Up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away per level.

Duration: 1 minute per level

I.S.P.: 1+

With this variant of Telekinesis, you give a person a wedgie! The telekinetic force is the equivalent of a PS of 1 per point of I.S.P. you spend (maximum equals your M.E. +1 per level). It may get to the point where you can actually lift someone by their underwear. If you lift them, then the underwear rips after 1 melee (instantly if the victim is over 200 pounds).

Telekinesis {Alternate}: (By Mystinar)

Range: Up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away per level

Duration: 2 minutes per level

I.S.P.: Less than or equal to M.E. = 3

This is my variation on the standard telekinesis power, which allows you to lift things based on your M.E. By paying twice as much I.S.P., you can manipulate one additional object per two levels. If you lift over 10x your M.E., you must save under your M.E. (-1 penalty per x1 increment over x10) or die from extreme mental strain.

Shield Powers

Shield Powers are simply powers that create a barrier around the psychic who uses them. Any psychic can use them, except for Force Shield and Mirror Shield, which are considered to be Super Psionic Powers.

Bubble Shield

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level or until psionically attacked

I.S.P.: 1

This power creates a simple barrier that provides a +1 bonus to save vs. psionics. Any psychic attack, non-physical or not, will break the shield, ending its duration.

Cloak Shield

Simply another name for Psionic Invisibility.

Diffuse Shield

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level

I.S.P.: 3

This shield “diffuses” the energy you radiate into ambient psychic energy, rendering all energy detection powers, spells, and abilities useless.

Energy Chaff (Concept by UmbraDominus)

Range: Self

Duration: 1 hour per level, headache lasts 1D6 minutes, +1 per level

I.S.P.: 10

This power creates a barrier of negative energy, which has a devastating effect on creatures that drain energy. Instead of getting high of their victim’s energy, the psychic vampire (or other creature that drains energy) gets a whopper headache. All combat bonuses, speed, and actions are cut in half.

Force Shield

Simply another name for Telekinetic Force Field.

Marshmallow Shield

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute, +1 melee per point of P.P.E. or I.S.P. absorbed.

I.S.P.: 10

This shield absorbs magic and psionic attacks, and uses their energy to fuel itself. Absorbed energy is directed to a pool, which may hold 20 P.P.E. per level and 5 I.S.P. per level. The psychic using the shield may draw upon the energy contained in the pool. Each melee, one point of PPE or ISP is lost from the pool. Once all PPE and ISP are gone, the shield vanishes. Initially has 4 ISP, giving it the one minute mentioned in the duration entry.

Mirror Shield

Range: Self

Duration: 1 minute per level

I.S.P.: 30

This shield gives you a +2 save vs. psionics. Against every psychic attack, you save vs. psionics, even if the attack does not allow for a save. If you successfully save, then the attack is reflected back at the attacker.

===Impervious to Radiation ===

Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes per level.
Length of Trance: One melee
I.S.P. Cost: 5
Save Throw: None
This power gives the psychic the ability to resist all forms of nuclear radiation. For the duration he will take no damage from the effects of radiation that has been absorbed nor will damage be taken from direct exposure to radiation. Also, the character won't absorb any more radiation and is also lucky enough to only suffer half the normal penalties incurred by any prior doses of radiation. This power does not provide accelerated recovery or healing from radiation, nor protection from the intense heat usually associated with it. The protection extends to the character's aura, so body armor (but not power armor or robots) is also granted protection.

===Kinesis Bolts ===

Range: 50ft plus 10ft per level of experience.
Duration: The ability lasts one melee per level of experience and each psychic energy bolt requires one melee action to project.
Length of Trance: Two melee actions
I.S.P. Cost: 10
Damage: 1d4 S.D.C. damage per level of experience. In a Rifts® world this power does equivalent mega-damage but requires 20 I.S.P. to initiate.
Save Throw: Dodge
Strike Bonus: +3
Prerequisite: Requires one kinesis power as a prerequisite, and must be acquired multiple times to gain multiple kinesis bolts if more than one kinesis power is possessed (the four valid kinesis powers are Telekinesis: Super, Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, and Electrokinesis).
For psychics with the above kinesis powers, this allows them to channel their kinetic talents into offensive capability.
Note that in the case of Hydrokinesis, their powers do normal damage to normal targets and double damage to vampire targets! With Hydrokinesis and Hydrokinesis Bolts, a psychic has the power to unlock the vast energy held in the molecules of water (hydrogen and oxygen!) A psi can create searing blasts of steam and crystalline razors that melt away, as well as cylinders of fast moving hard water!

===Mind Bolt (minor) ===

Range: 50ft plus 10ft per level of experience.
Duration: The ability lasts one melee per level of experience and each psychic energy bolt requires one melee action to project.
Length of Trance: Two melee actions
I.S.P. Cost: 15
Damage: 1d4 S.D.C. damage plus 1d4 per level of experience. In a Rifts® world this power does equivalent mega-damage but requires 25 I.S.P. to initiate.
Save Throw: Dodge
Strike Bonus: +3
Pretty much the same as the super psionic power, only a little weaker and with much less range and damage.

===Psi-Light ===

Range: 30ft radius around self, but can be focused into a beam of light that can reach up to 150ft away.
Length of Trance: One melee action
Duration: One minute per level.
I.S.P. Cost: 2
Save Throw: None
A simple ability that transforms psychic energy into electromagnetic energy. The light is normally spread out over a 30ft radius (about equal to a 60 watt bulb) but can also be focused into a strong beam of light. This beam of light can blind targets as per a first level Blinding Flash spell, but requires a called strike on the eyes (a -6 penalty, use any P.P. bonuses to strike). The light can be changed to infrared or ultraviolet if so desired.

===Psychokinesis ===

Range: Touch or 12ft within view.
Duration: Instant
Length of Trance: Varies, usually just a melee action.
I.S.P. Cost: 5 per attempt to alter probability, or 10 per attempt to alter a combat, save throw, or skill roll. Psychokinesis skill rolls cannot be affected.
Save Throw: None
Base Skill: 30% +6% per level of experience, but for every extra 2 I.S.P. spent a +1% bonus can be gained (+10 I.S.P. = +5% skill bonus).
A psionic power that gives one the power to influence random things like dice, coin tosses, card ordering, Russian Roulette, and all matters of probability in the physical world (so it is a common thing among gamblers with psionic ability!) A -10% penalty is suffered if the psychic cannot physically touch the object(s) he is altering probability around. It is possible to affect random number generation inside a computer or other kind of advanced machine, but the super psionic ability of Telemechanics is required.
A skilled user of this power (3rd level or more) can also slightly misdirect large physical objects. Divide the base skill by 15%, and the resulting number is the bonus or penalty that can be applied to a targeted roll. Thus, at first level, a psychic could impose a +2 bonus or a -2 penalty on an opponent's strike roll, initiative roll, dodge roll, save vs coma, save vs. psionics, etc. To boost the bonus/ penalty costs 30 I.S.P. per +/- 1.
The psychic (strangely enough) cannot enhance or penalize his own combat and save throw rolls, nor can he influence perception or horror factor rolls. It is not possible to alter any character's skill rolls except in the case of vehicle control rolls, espionage and counter- espionage skills (specifically Pick Locks and Pick Pockets), critical situations, and generally any skill roll situation where a little luck wouldn't hurt. This kind of bonus/ penalty costs 3 I.S.P. per +/- 2% (go by this for coma/ death save throws).

===Resist Vacuum ===

Range: Self
Duration: Two minutes per level of experience.
Length of Trance: None - instant.
I.S.P. Cost: 8
Save Throw: None
As per the power in the 1st edition of the PFRPG, this protects against explosive decompression and the lack of oxygen. Once used, it cannot be used again until the character has had at least five minutes of normal breathing. This does not protect against direct exposure to the blazing sun and freezing temperatures of outer space.

Ectoplasmic Armor

Range: Self
Duration: 5 minutes per level
I.S.P.: Special

This ability enables the psychic to mold ectoplasm into a hard, rubbery covering which acts like Bio-Armor (major super ability). The Ecto-Armor starts out with 100 S.D.C./50 M.D.C. and an A.R. of 2; for every I.S.P. point you spend on it (after the 10 I.S.P. you spend to create it), it gains either 30 S.D.C. or 2 A.R. points. Ectoplasmic Armor disappears when the psychic is knocked unconscious. Extra S.D.C. and A.R. (max A.R.= 16) can be added at any time.

Note: For every A.R. point above 8, the character gains cumulative penalties of -1 to Parry, Dodge, and Strike and -2% to physical skills, because of the increasing stiffness of the Armor.

======Telekinetic Flight ======

Range: Self
Duration: 20 minutes per level
I.S.P.: 30

The psychic has the ability to use telekinesis to fly without any
apparent means of propulsion. Maximum speed is 100 mph + 10 mph per
level. Bonuses in flight are the same as those under Flight: Wingless.

Deaden Senses

Range: 160 feet line of sight

Duration: 40 Minutes

I.S.P. cost: 4

Saving throw: -1 to save

This is another form of bio-manipulation only less severe or noticeable victims seldom realize they’ve fallen under the influence of this psionic attack. The psychic able to induce a physical influence On a single person to make him or her less alert This is typically used on guards, sentries and searchers to escape their notice. The victim of this psionic attack momentarily becomes less alert and attentive to the things around them, Small sounds, odors. Movements and details go unnoticed, (+10% to the following skills against this befuddled character: camouflage, prowl, palming pick pockets, cardsharp, forgery and disguise) and the deadened character is slow to react: reduce speed by 10%, -1 on initiative, and -15% on skill performance.

Ectoplasmic Disguise

Range: Self

Duration: 120 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P. Cost: 12

This is an enhanced control over ectoplasm that gives the psychic the ability to cover and disguise his physical features. Ectoplasm is created as normal, with the mysterious, pseudo substance rising from the pores of the skin. Instead of forming wispy tentacles, the ectoplasm covers the face. As it solidifies it becomes s sort of putty-like material that can be mentally shaped and molded by the psychic. Once the desired shapes and features are achieved, the psychic can make the ectoplasm look like real flesh. The best way to create all ectoplasmic disguise is for the psychic to look at a photograph or a frozen video image and concentrate on that image the ectoplasm automatically molds into that shape/image, including skin color. Not only can the psychic create a mask to hide his facial features, but be can also change the shape and bulk of his body adding a pot belly, muscles, a tail or extra eye, etc.

Level of proficiency: 50% +5% per level of experience, +16% if the character has the disguise skill). This percentage applies primarily when trying to accurately imitate a specific person's identity. In most other cases the disguise is successful in that it obscures the psychic's true identity.

Problems & Limitations: An ectoplasmic disguise is especially effective from a distance, but does not hold up against close scrutiny. The ectoplasm always has a bit of a “dull and pasty" appearance. regardless of skin color If punched, or Just scraped, etc.. the ectoplasm covering will tear away and, in a matter of seconds, noticeably reform to cover the tear/damage

The psychic must concentrate on maintaining his disguise, which means his/her attention divided and concentration hampered While the disguise is maintained, the psychic suffers the following penalties: -4 on initiative, and reduce all combat bonuses, attacks per melee, ruining speed and skill performance by half to perform better. the character must relinquish some of his/her control over the disguise, with notable results, like features obviously shifting, drooping or even melting. If the character is seriously injured, knocked unconscious or slain, the ectoplasm melts away, turns into floating glob: and disappears in a matter of seconds.

Telekinetic Acceleration Attack

Range: 500 feet +50 feet per level of experience; line of sight

Duration: Instant

I.S.P. Cost: 10 for SDC damage, 20 for MDC damage

This power works on the smilar principle as the rail gun but uses telekinetic rather than electromagnetic force Rather than Use telekinesis to lift and move one or more objects, this super psionic power causes a half dozen to a dozen small objects (coins, pencils, small stones arrows, unloaded bunch of bullets. etc) to hurl at an incredibly high velocity in a powerful (if not short-range) burst of telekinetic energy. All items strike one target at tornado wind velocity.

If 10 I.S.P. are expended the damage inflicted is 2D4x10 SDC

If 20 I.S.P. Are expended the damage inflicted is 3Dx10 MDC

The psychic must roll to strike at a +3 to do so (no other bonuses apply except possibly RCC psi power bonus) and the target must be clearly visible. The psionic attacks counts is its one of the Characters Melee attacks.

Telekinetic Leap

Range: Self

Duration: One melee attack/actioncin this case a leap

I.S.P. Cost: 8

This telekinetic application boosts the person's leaping ability.

By propelling the psychic an additional twenty feet when leaping upwards, and thirty feet when leaping across or lengthwise per level of experience. This power can he used in conjunction with a leap kick attack (damage. 6D6x6 plus P.S. bonus.) but the character will take 2D6 points for damage to himself from the hard impact unless a roll to punch fall or impact is made, A die roll to roll with punch, fall or impact. May be needed to land safely after one of these leaps.

Telekinetic Lift

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: 20 melees per level of experience

I.S.P. Cost: 6

Rather than moving objects solely with the power of the mind this use of telekinesis is used to increase the character's ability to lift and carry heavy weight. The psychic creates a telekinetic field around the object and lifts both physically and mentally (via telekinesis) This enables the psychic to lift and carry weights 200%, heavier than his/her P.S. normally allows. This use of telekinetic is limited exclusively to lifting and carrying heavy weights and cannot be used to hurl boulders and heavy objects as weapons, nor can it be used to augment the damage inflicted by a punch kick or other physical attacks.

Telekinetic Punch

Range: by touch or one foot per level of experience Duration: Instant

I.S.P. Cost: 6

Saving Throw: Dodge or parry as usual

This telekinetic power enables the psychic to deliver a powerful punch or kick like force through telekinetic energy. The character must actually make a physical punch or kick, but a successful strike delivers a telekinetically enhanced blow. A telekinetic punch will inflict 3d6 SDC/hit point damage plus PS bonus if any, and a kick will do 4D6 SDC plus P S. bonus. The I.S.P. is spent whether or not the punch or kick actually hits the target roll to strike as normal. The power is use in conjunction with a normal, physical attack that can he parried or dodged by the enemy. Every time the power is used the psychic must make a save of 14 or higher or he will take 1D6 points of damage himself as a result of wrenched muscles or a dislocated joint from the extra strain on his body.

Telekinetic Push

Range: By touch or one foot 10 I per level of experience Duration: Instant

I.S.P.: 4

Saving Throw: None

The psychic can effectively create a telekinetic force that pushes away an attacker or anything within range (a door chair, cart, statue, etc.) The pushing force has the rough equivalent to a P.S. 16 +2 per level of the psychic. The telekinetic push is roughly equal In a body block and does 2d6 SDC/ hit point damage, and will knock most ordinary humans back 20 feet; and has a 1-60% chance of knocking the person off his feet (if so, that character loses initiative and one melee action) Characters weighing more than 200 pounds or who possesses robotic P.S. or supernatural P.S. are only shaved a foot or two.
and there is only a 1-20% chance of being knocked oft their feet. Inanimate objects weighing under 50 pound2, are pushed or slid across the ground 40 feet.


Range: Varies

Duration: Varies

I.S.P.: Varies

Electrokinesis is a psychic power that allows the psychic to exert amazing physical control over electricity.

1. Electrical Resistance. The psychic can manipulate his body so to become resistant to electricity. Up to 60,000 volts will inflict no damage or ill effect. Currents greater than 60,000 volts, including

lightning and magic electricity, do half damage.

Range: self.

Duration: 3 minutes per level of experience. I.S.P.:4.

2. Electrical Discharge: The character can cause static electricity within a six foot (1.8m) area, as well as emit an electrical discharge by touch. The discharge can be a little jolt or inflict up to 1D6 damage as often as once per melee.

Range: touch or 2ft distance.

Duration: Instant. I.S.P.: 2 per each discharge.

3. Manipulate Electrical Devices: Through focused thought the psychic can enforce a limited control over electrical devices, such as turn off and on light switches, computers, televisions, radios, blenders, microwave ovens, flashlights, toys (battery and plug types), windshield wipers, and all types of electrically operated appliances, toys and devices. He can also manipulate the controls of the device, such as volume, channel selection, tuners, speakers, change speed, dim lights, and so on. A dozen different electrical functions can be manipulated each melee. This can mean flicking the light off and on six times (12 functions/6 off, 6 on) or turn on the T.V., turn its volume up to the max. and turn on 10 other appliances (12 functions in all).

Range: 45ft + 5ft per level of experience (13.7+1.5m per level).

Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 4.

Note: The character does not need to see the devices to manipulate them. He can feel their presence.

4. Sense Electricity: The psychic can sense or feel electricity and pinpoint its exact location with fair expertise.

Range: 45ft + 5ft per level of experience.

Duration: 2 minutes of extreme sensitivity when he can pinpoint every source of electricity in the area. I.S.P.: 2 per every two minutes.

Base Skill: 55% + 5% per each additional level of experience. A failed roll means only 1D6 x 10% of all the electrical devices/sources of electricity could be sensed.


Range: Varies

Duration: Varies

I.S.P.: Varies

This ability enables the character to use psychic energy to sense and

influence water.

1. Sense Chemical Impurities: The psychic can sense whether or

not water is polluted/contains other substances. The exact nature of

the additive or pollutant may be unknown, but he will know that it

is not completely natural. When sensing water, first roll to determine:

1) Pure or Drinkable (nonhazardous/tap water) 70% + 5% per each

additional level of experience. 2) Second, Roll for general nature

of the pollutant; this identifies whether it is chemical/drug (not

deadly, but will cause a reaction if drunk) or poison/toxin (deadly

or harmful if swallowed). Success ratio in identifying the general

nature of the pollutant is 35% + 5% per each additional level of

experience. Range: self/six inches. Duration: One minute (4

melees). I.S.P.: 2 per minute.

2. Boil Water: The psychic can increase the temperature of water

raising it to boiling level within one minute (four melees). Up to

one gallon (3.8 liters) can be affected. Once set a boiling, it will

take the usual amount of time to cool. This power can not be made

to boil the water or blood in a living creature. Range: 8ft (2.4m) + 2ft

(.6m) per level of experience. Duration: One minute (4 melees).

I.S.P.: 3 per gallon of water.

3. Water Spout: An ability that enables the psychic to control and

hurl water. The effect can be used to make water bubble (but not

heated), shoot straight up like a geyser or a water blast hurling

across a room like a short, powerful spray from a garden hose. Up

to one gallon of water per level of experience can be manipulated

and hurled up to a distance of 20 feet. Note: The fluid must be 75%

water to be controlled, such as punch, hot coffee, chicken soup,

tea, kool-aid, etc. Forget about hurling ice (frozen does not count),

paint, gasoline, or cake batter.

Making water leap with a life of its own can be startling to others

and can make a great distraction if handled right. Hurling normal

water or a cool drink into somebody's face/eyes will momentarily

blind and surprise the individual, causing him/her to lose initiative

and one attack that melee. Hurling hot or boiling water on the body

(especially the crotch) will have the same results. Hurling boiling

water in the face is horribly painful, causing 2D4 damage, loss of

initiative, loss of all attacks for 1D6 melees and temporary blindness

for 3D6 melees (-10 to strike, parry and dodge). Characters of a

good alignment will not hurl boiling water in the face unless under

an absolutely life and death circumstance.

Hurling range: 20ft/6.1m. Duration: Instant. I.S.P.: 5 Bonus:

+ 1 to strike. Making water bubble or rise up like a fountain can be

maintained for up to 30 seconds (2 melees). Note: The psychic can

influence up to one gallon of water per level of experience up to

20ft away, whether he can see it or only feel its presence.

4. Sense Water: The character can sense the presence of any water

exposed to the open air automatically at no cost of I.S.P. Range':

20ft/6.1m. Duration: Permanent. I.S.P.: None. Note:Underground

rivers, airtight containers, etc., can not be sensed.


Range: Varies

Duration: Varies

I.S.P.: Varies

Pyrokinesis is a psychic power that gives a character the power to

manipulate fire.

1. Fire Resistant: The psychic can endure great heat and fire with

minimal ill effect. Damage is reduced by half. Magic fires do full

damage. Range: Self. Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience.

I.S.P.: 2.

2. Spontaneous Combustion: The ability to create a spark that will

ignite combustible material, such as paper, old rags, dry grass,

gasoline, etc. Note: Human hair should not be considered a combustible

material. This is a slow fire, starting with a tiny spark and

grows. Initially, it is not a roaring blaze. Range: Can be ignited up

to 30ft away (9.1m). Duration: Instant; fire will last and spread

until it is put out or there is nothing to burn. I.S.P.: 2.

3. Fuel Flame: The character can feed the fire with psychic energy,

doubling it in size. Affects a 10ft (3m) area. Range: Up to 30ft + 5ft

for each additional level of experience. Duration: Instant. I.S.P.: 4.

4. Extinguish Flames: The power to instantly put out an area of fire.

Affects a 15ft (1.5m) area of fire. Range: Up to 30ft + 5ft per each

additional level of experience. Duration: Permanent until set on

fire again. I.S.P.: 4.

5. Create Flame: The incredible ability to create fire out of thin air.

Can be an 8ft pillar of fire affecting a 4ft (1.2m) area or a 6ft wall

of fire stretching six feet long (1. 8m) plus one foot per each additional

level of experience. Damage: 4D6 from the pillar, 6D6 from the

wall, plus both have a 72% likelihood of setting any combustibles

they touch ablaze (including cloth, rugs, curtains furniture, etc.).

Range: Cast up to 30ft + 2ft per additional level of experience.

Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience; longer if it sets other

things on fire. I.S.P.: 20.

Another fire creation ability is the hurling of afire ball. Damage:

6D6, Range: 30ft + 2ft per each additional level of experience.

Duration:Instant. Bonus: +2 to strike. I.S.P.: 25.

6. Sense Fire: The psychic can sense or feel the presence of fire and

pinpoint its exact location. Range: 100ft + 5ft per level of experience.

Duration: 2 minutes of extreme sensitivity when he/she can

pinpoint the exact location of every fire in the area. Base Skill:

90% success ratio. A failed roll means only 2D4 x 10% of the fires

can be located by sensing. I.S.P.: 2 per every 2 minutes.