Quotable Rifts “This was a mistake!”
---Joaquin to Tyr

“I’m going to go take a shit and when I come back, I expect to feel like a million bucks.”
---Joaquin to Aranor and Tyr, on what to do with their money.

“Vigilantism is a far cry from heroism.”
---Sir Jonathan Drake

“A wise fighter does not seek an enemy he does not understand.”
---Demetrius to Cirith Aier

“Peace…Peace is nothing more than the absence of violence.”
---Lord Maelstrom to Aranor, discussing their reasons for being warriors.

“I will make an example of all those who defy me.”
---Alistair Dunscon

“Morality… the last bastion of a coward.”
---Tyr Ananasi

“I’ll turn you into a destroyer of nations.”
---O’Negis to Aranor

“What is the nature of the interruption?”
---Balthazar to Demetrius

“The way you raised him was pathetic. The child you turned into a scholar, I would have turned into a weapon.”
---Lord Tiberius Eloheim to Eiraz Oblum, on Arda

“Time has colours and moods. It is full of improbabilities and mysteries that can never be fully understood, even by my kind.”
---Evermetrius, on the nature of Time.

“The darkness may be eternal but the light is ever-vigilant.”
---Aranor to Feanor

“He’s more of a cold, calculating machine than he is a man.”
---Serrik to Sonny, on Tyr

“Shall we remain here forever as shadow folk, dropping vain tears into a thankless sea.”
---Aranor to the Lords of Magic

“Practitioners of magic are like children who dislike sharing their toys, and their toys are power.”

“Out of wedlock, will come a spatial mage born high, whose powers over space and ascension are nigh. This is the beginning of the end.”
---O’Negis, on the Prophecy of the Twice-Blessed

“You fool!”
---Ojibwayo to Aranor, after Aranor saves his life.

“There are two kinds of light: the glow that illuminates and the glare that blinds.”
Aranor, on Sir Kathan Modra

“I’m prolonging this battle because I can see you need the practice.”
Aranor to Feanor

“Your cowardly posturing makes me sick.”
Aranor to Feanor

“You may not think him so quaint when you see him blasting the heads off of demons with a shotgun.”
Serrik to Sabre Lasar, on Sonny

“Death is the ultimate fairness --- everyone shares it.”

“Quit whimpering, fuck face!”

“If it wasn’t for the last minute, this group wouldn’t get anything done.”

“We don’t rise to the level of our potential, we fall to the level of our training.”

“If you walk, walk. If you sit, sit. But whatever you do, never wobble.”
---Aranor to Serrik

“I don’t care how many of the enemy there is, I simply need to know where they are.”

“If your mages cannot heal the scar on a woman’s face, how can you expect to heal the scars of an entire world?”
---Eiraz to Kamaris

“We can play this game all day.”
---Joaquin to Kamaris, during combat

“Hard times make for a hard man.”

“Then Quentin got what he deserves, and Feanor will get his too.”

“Remember Serrik, the only thing that separates us from the beasts is the law!”
---Sonny, his last words

“If by the end of your days you have not made peace with your own kind, then it was all for not.”
---Eiraz to Demetrius, on Demetrius’ views toward Dragonkind

“Experience is what makes life worth living.”
---Eiraz to Arda

“The burden of responsibility has been the only constant in my life.”
---Aranor Aelsavideth

“It is sad. The unexamined life is not worth living.”

“You should take care not to make intellect your god Kravenmaw; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no heart.”

“Such is the value of human potential. It’s hours like these that we learn this.”
---Eiraz to Arda

“I was helpless at the time of my father’s death. If this is the day I shall die, then you shall be there for me.”
---Eiraz to Arda

“Your tongue is sharp but this blade is sharper. Silence yourself and take your due place.”
---Aranor to Ojibwayo

“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.”
---Sir Jonathan Drake

“Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.”

“Time is a great teacher. Unfortunately, it kills all its pupils.”

“There’s no rest for the virtuous.”
“Yeah there is. Six feet under, A.K.A. the Dirt Nap.”
---Sir Drake and Joaquin

“Do what you will, I am not your master. I will not harbor the damned.”
---Aranor to Drake, on Serrik

“Your doom stalks you unflinchingly across the world. When he comes, you will wish I had killed you all.”
---Leng Quae to Serrik, on his father

“There can be no bystanders in the battle for survival. Anyone who will not fight by your side is an enemy to be crushed.”

“The mistake I made was I didn’t realize that you don’t grab power, you accumulate it, quietly, without anyone noticing.”
---Cromwell the Black

“That city is a monument to ignorance.”
“That’s true, but that monument is also a fortress, and the only soldier we can get behind its gates is the Prosek woman.”
---Eiraz and Aranor, on Lady Prosek and Chi-Town

“No being is so important that he can usurp the rights of another.”
---Lord Coake

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