Silk mail: Young Kumo spiders are actually raised and penned in some of the towns. They are fed so well on large insect carcasses and siphoned cattle blood, which these creatures are in a constant state of sedation. Enchantments and charms are also used to keep these beasts under control. The natives have learned to "milk" the spider for its silk, guiding the fibers between specially coated fingers (alchemist concoction), spindling it into bobbed threads. These then go to a variety of uses, one of them, silk mail.

In the vast town loom shops, they are tightly woven with minute quilting layered techniques. The final products include cloaks/zarapes, gloves, leggings, arm/leg wrapping strips, shirt sarong and pants silk armor. The fabric is strikingly light, breathable and soft, yet has mega-damage durability. Warriors have been known to wear Silk Mail underneath their armor, for added protection defending the city. These goods are popular with all levels of society for obvious reasons.

M.D.C.: 100 + 100 aura field

Weight: 1 pound, giving unrestricted mobility, no Prowl penalty.

Colors: Shimmering silvery green, inlaid with gold thread decorative pattern..