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Strider Hiryu

Name: Hiryu Alignment: Scrupulous O.C.C.: Strider, (Super A Grade)

Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 21-24 years old Height: 6' Weight: 190lbs.


I.Q.: 15

M.E: 16

M.A.: 16

P.S.: 22

P.P.: 22

P.E.: 34

P.B.: 15

Spd: 55

H.P.: 57

S.D.C.: ----

M.D.C.: 110

P.P.E.: 83

Level: 8

Exp.: 55,638

Armor: Strider Ar. (MDC: 60)

Saving Throws/Bonuses From Stats:

Save vs. Psionics/Insanity: ---

Trust/Intimidation: ---

Damage Bonus: +4 SDC

Bonus to Strike/Parry/Dodge: +4

Save vs. Coma/Death: +38%

Save vs. Poison/Magic: +10

Charm/Impress: ---

Skill Bonus: ---

Save vs. Horror Factor: +4

Total Combat Bonuses, (Includes H/H):

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Damage: +4

Strike/Parry/Dodge: +5/+10/+10

Number of Attacks: 6

Pull/Roll with Punch, Fall or Impact: +8

Critical Strike: 18, 19, or 20. (unmodified)

Death Blow:

Initiative: +1

Punch: 1d4 SDC

Kick: (Automatic Kick Attack) 2d4, or 1d8 SDC

Jump Kick: (critical strike) Entagle.

Body Throw/Flip:

Knock Out/Stun:

Other Attacks/Bonuses: +2 to strike with Cypher, +1 with all other weapons. Paired Weapons. Leap Attack (critical strike).

O.C.C. Skills:

Language: Japanese (+15%): 98%

Language: American (+15%): 98%

Language: Euro (+15%): 98%

Detect Ambush (+20%): 95%

Detect Concealment (+20%): 90%

Escape Artist (+10%): 85%

Prowl (+15%): 95%

Disguise (+10%): 80%

First Aid (+5%): 95%

Acrobatics (+5%, where applicable)

Climbing (+15%): 98%

Streetwise (+5%): 63%

W.P.: Sword

W.P.: Energy Pistol

W.P.: Cypher

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

O.C.C. Related Skills:

Radio: Basic: 90%

Basic Electronics: 75%

Intellegence (+10%): 80%

Tracking (+10%): 80%

Mechanical Engineer (+5%): 75%

Weapons Engineer (+5%): 75%

Body Building


Gymnastics (+10% where applicable)

Secondary Skills:


Swimming: 95%

Literacy: 75%

Land Navigation: 74%

W.P.: Chain

Powers/O.C.C. Abilities:

1. Super Grade Strider: See the Super Grade description in the O.C.C.

2. Mystic Abilities: LEVEL 1: Blinding Flash; LEVEL 2: Chameleon; LEVEL 3: Breath With Out Air; LEVEL 4: Fire Bolt; LEVEL 5: Energy Disruption; LEVEL 6: Impervious to Energy; LEVEL 7: Invisibility (Superior); LEVEL 8: Eyes of the Wolf;


Falchion: This is Hiryu's special cypher. Unlike other cyphers Hiryu's is a bit different by way of it being enchanted. When thrown it will return to Hiryu hilt first in a boomarang fashion. The cypher also does more damage than normal including its plasma blast.

Primary Purpose: Close Combat, Minor Ranged Combat Capabilities.

Mega-Damage: 1d4x10 +10, can fire a small bolt of plasma that does only 1d6x10 MD. Inactive the blade can do 4d6 MD.

Rate of Fire: Equal to the wieldeers number of attacks.

Effective Range: Close Combat unless thrown, Plasma Blast Range is 1000ft.

Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

Total Bonuses to Strike with this Weapon: +6 to strike

Scythe Hook: Hiryu's secondary weapon and climbing tool. Stored in left shoulder holster.

Primary Purpose: Climbing, Close Combat.

Mega-Damage: 1d6

Total Bonuses to Strike with this Weapon: +5 to strike +10% to climbing skill.

Plasma Grenades: A back up concussion weapon. Stored in utility belt.

Primary Purpose: Demolition

Mega-Damage: 5d6MD per 12 ft area.

Effective Range when Throwing: 40 yards

Payload: Carries around 10 plasma grenades.

Total Bonuses to Strike with this Weapon: +5 to strike

Other Items and Equipment:

Has a Small Grapling gun: Range; 150ft. of liquid rope,

1 week rations,

extra liquid rope (150ft),

4 smoke bombs,

Blanket (has a camaflage designe on one side),

10 shurikens: 1d4 SDC.

Has a misc. number of other traviling items that most travelers have.

All these are stored in his utility belt, and are able to be broken down to some extent.Bottom of Form

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