Tarantula Combat Jump Bike

Model Type: High performance motorcycle
Crew: One M.D.C. by Location: Main Body—100
* Wheels (2) —12 each
* Weapons — Pulse lasers (2) 15 each
* Thrusters (2) — (bottom) 25, (rear) 25
* A single asterisk indicates targets that are difficult to hit (-3 to strike on a called shot). Statistical Data Acceleration (0-60): 3.1 seconds (rocket assisted).
Top speed: 200 mph (150 mph on electrical battery)
Cruising Speed: 100 mph
Braking (60-0 mph): 75'
Jump Jet: The maximum length the bike can jump is equal to 9' for every mile per hour being traveled. The bike can jump up to five times before the jump tanks need to be refueled.
Range: 500 miles (12 hrs. continuous operation with electrical battery).
Dimensions: 4'1" high, 3'10" wide, 8'7" long, 1,545 lbs.
Power System: Flex-fuel internal combustion, with electric backup.
Modifier for Augmented Humans: +15% to piloting skill and execution of jumps, tricks, and special maneuvers. Weapon Systems Pulse Lasers Mounted in the forward cowling of the tarantula are twin pulse lasers. They point in the same direction as the front wheel, so it is possible for an augmented human to fire quick shots to the sides (30 degree angle/arc of fire) while the bike continues traveling straight. However, these sideshots do not gain the usual +1 bonus to strike for bursts, and the tarantula must be traveling no more than 120 mph. The weapons are powered by standard E-Clips (only) inserted into two slots near the bike's controls. • Range: 1600'
• Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. per simultaneous 3-shot burst
• Rate of Fire: 3-shot bursts only
• Payload: 30 bursts per E-Clip

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