Th Tarantula-Combat-Jump-Bike-1

Juicer: Tarantula Combat Jump Bike 

Manufacturer: UTI 

Class: Motorcycle — requires a special Piloting skill.  

Crew: One   Height: 4’ 11”  Width: 3’ 10”   Length: 8’7”  Weight: 1545 lbs   Acceleration: 0-100 75ft 1 action   Braking: 100-0 75 ft 1 action

Main Body: 100   Wheels: (2) 12 each   Thrusters: (3) 25 each   Weapons: (3) 15 each 

Maximum Speed: Ground: 300 mph . Jump Jet: Nine feet distance for every one MPH being travelled  1 foot high distance for every one MPH being Travelled

Maximum Range: 500 miles; 12 hours constant operation off electrical battery, 5000 miles; 120 hours constant operation off micro fusion battery

Bonuses: +15% to piloting skill if pilot is an augmented human (Juicer, Crazy, etc.). 

Weapon Packages:   Turreted Triple Pulse Lasers: Mega-Damage: lD4xl0 M.D. Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of attacks per melee round. Range: 1,600 feet). Pay-Load: 30 bursts.  180 degree angle of fire   Smoke Screen: Effects a 60 foot (18 meters) radius with a height of 20 feet (6 meters) Duration: 2D4 Minutes -5 to pary dodge or strike user    Oil Slick: 50 ft area 30% chance slip with every move, -25% sense of balance, takes d4 melee actions to get up again, 30% chance  of failure, vehicles: -10% control roll/ 10 mph 

Black Market Cost: 80,000 credits. 

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