The Magic Zone Federated Charter

Also known as the Federated Charter of Dominion Ratified by Lord Alistair Winston Dunscon and the Federation of Magic Council circa 105 P.A.


“I, Alistair Dunscon, the true leader and power of the Magic Zone, in order to form a more perfect Federation, establish law, insure domestic stability, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare, and secure the strength and dominion of our Empire for ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this constitutional Charter for the Federation of Magic.”

Article I.

Section 1
All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested by myself and myself only. All other law-making powers maintain independence but are subservient to me. I conduct the overall governing of the Federation of Magic. My word is law.

Section 2
My position as Overlord of the Federation of Magic is by birthright. It is eternal and uncontestable. Those who do not defer to my power do so at the risk of their lives.

Section 3 Clause 1: The Federation Council shall be composed of thirty Federation Lords. The most politically powerful and magically accomplished lords of impeccable lineage or history within the Federation have automatic acceptance into the Council until all Council seats have been filled.

Clause 2: In the event of vacancies within the Council, if there are no candidates of proper eligibility, I shall issue a Notice of Membership to whomever I deem worthy.

Clause 3: The Council shall designate a Speaker during meetings. The Speaker shall conduct Council meetings and votes. Unless I state otherwise, I am ALWAYS the Speaker.

Clause 4: In my absence, there cannot be a Council Meeting unless given my express permission.

Clause 5: Council membership is for life. Section 4
The Council shall assemble whenever I issue a summons. Failure to appear is not recommended.

Section 5
I determine the rules of Council proceedings, dole out punishment for misbehavior or failure, and by my will and/or the concurrence of two-thirds of the members, expel a Council member.

Section 6
Every law, Declaration of War, and Treaty that is to be passed by the Council, shall be presented to me. If I approve I shall sign it, but if I do not it shall be discarded without question.

Section 7 Clause 1: The Council and I have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the Federation. All duties, imposts and excises shall not be uniform. Rather, they will change from lord to lord and kingdom to kingdom. The Council and I uniform power;

Clause 2: To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the hundreds of Federation Lords, kingdoms, cults, guilds, towns, cities, orders, brotherhoods, etc., through direct action or through the formation of quorums.

Clause 3: To establish uniform Laws throughout the Magic Zone.

Clause 4: To promote the progress of magic research and development, as well as the civil development of roads, cities, bridges, etc. The Grand City shall be rebuilt, the old municipality ruled by my father.

Clause 5: To define and punish transgressions committed against the Federation of Magic or within its territory.

Clause 6: To declare War, Treaties, and Letters of Reprisal.

Clause 7: To make Federated Laws that shall apply on a Federation-wide scale for all the individual governments of the Magic Zone.

Clause 9: To provide for calling forth joined Federation forces to repel invasions or quell insurrections.

Clause 10: To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining any Federation forces required for joint military operations.

Clause 11: To commission competent individuals to lead Federation forces and to dismiss or punish commanders who’s conduct is in conflict with my intents and goals. Section 8
I alone have the power to authorize full-scale intra-Federation invasions or assaults. Warfare between lords within the Federation ‘quorum pars magna fui’ is my jurisdiction.

Section 9
The Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be acknowledged by the Kingdom of Dunscon or affiliated kingdoms.

Section 10
All lords must contribute one-thirtieth of their annual income or personal financial assets to the Federation Treasury per every three hundred and sixty-five days. The wealth of the Treasury can only be accessed by myself or in consequence of appropriations made by law.

Article II.

Section 1
In the event that I am not present in the Magic Zone for a considerable period of time, I shall appoint an ‘Overlord pro tempore’ to act in my absence.

Section 2
The Council and I shall receive Foreign Ambassadors, Diplomats and other public ministers who seek interaction with the Federation.

Section 3
Treason against the Federation of Magic, shall consist of levying war against us, conspiracy against my throne, adhering to our enemies, and/or defying my Word. The Act of Treason is punishable by Death or Eternal Torment.

Article III.

This Charter can only be amended by I, Alistair Dunscon, Lord of the Federation.

Article IV.

Section 1
This Charter, and the laws which shall be made in pursuance thereof, shall be the supreme Law of the land. All Federation Lords and their minions and subjects shall be bound thereby.

Section 2
Each Federation Lord is responsible for insuring that his subjects and minions follow the Laws of the Charter and of the Federation. Each lord is responsible for maintaining order within his borders. Any lord who cannot do so shall be stripped of his lands and subjects. They shall then be given to a more competent sovereign.

Section 3
Each Federation Lord is responsible for his own fighting force. Against rivals and enemies from within the Federation, a lord should and must be able to protect his own.

Section 4
In times of war or against large-scale threats to the Magic Zone, Federation Lords shall conscript up to fifty percent of their military forces for the formation of a joint Federation army.

Section 5 Clause 1: For a Wizards’ Duel to be officially recognized by the Federation, the competing mages must inform the Council. A challenge shall be formally lodged and then accepted by the opposing party. An unanswered challenge cannot proceed.

Clause 2: The Duel shall be witnessed by a representative of myself or the Council. The Victor of the Duel is entitled to the lands and property of the defeated opponent. If a Duel has not been officially recognized, then the Victor has no claim to the lands and property of the defeated opponent, and they will be confiscated by the Federation.

Clause 3: Duels are restricted to only two mages at a time. Section 6
In wartime, every home in every Federation kingdom shall be prepared to quarter Federation troops, with or without the consent of the Owner.

Section 7 Clause 1: In criminal prosecutions, the Federation of Magic is not obligated to inform the accused of the nature and cause of his accusation, or grant a trial. If a trial is granted, the accused is not assured an impartial jury, a compulsory process for obtaining witnesses or evidence in his favor, or the assistance of Counsel for his defense. This is especially true in the prosecution of high crimes (treason, assassination, etc.)

Clause 2: No Federation Lord shall make or enforce, within his kingdom, personal laws that conflict or contradict the Laws in the Charter or Laws passed by the Council or myself. Federated Laws and the Laws of the Charter supercede all personal and private laws.

Clause 3: No Federation Lord shall ever be deprived of his lands or property without due process, due cause (incompetence) or unless required in times of War or Rebellion. Life and liberty however, are not as assured. Section 8 Clause 1: No law shall be made prohibiting the establishment or free exercise of a religion or cult as long as it is not a threat to the interests of the Federation of Magic. All qualifying organizations possess Terrestrial Immunity.

Clause 2: No law shall be made prohibiting the practice, research, or development of ANY School of Magic. Section 9
The annexation of new territory into Federation domain shall be passed by myself and/or with the concurrence of two-thirds of the Council members.

Article V.

Section 1 Clause 1: Citizenship within the Federation of Magic requires recognition by one of its sovereign powers.

Clause 2: Citizens shall be expected to adhere to all laws of the Federation of Magic.

Clause 3: Non-Citizens have NO rights in Federation territory. Section 2
The whole of the Magic Zone is claimed by the Federation of Magic.

Section 3
All unallied communities within the Magic Zone shall pledge allegiance to its sovereign power, the Federation of Magic, or be destroyed. Dissenters and Impartial parties shall no longer slow the wheel of progress.

Section 4 Clause 1: Initiation or Involvement in Temporal Violations affecting the outcome of events within the Federation’s Time Stream is punishable by Death or Eternal Torment.

Clause 2: To oversee and enforce this directive, I have commissioned the creation of a Temporal Protectorate. Section 5
The wisdom and precognitive/prophetic visions of the Grey Seers shall be restricted to serving Federation interests only. Any Grey Seer who acts outside this mandate and councils individuals not of the Federation shall be charged with treason.

Section 6
Individuals on official Federation business have Terrestrial Immunity and must be allowed passage through any territory in the Magic Zone.

Section 7
The Magic Zone is a non-extradition territory. Any convict or refugee fleeing a foreign power or organization shall only be returned to his pursuer if it suits Federation interests.

Section 8
The Cyber-Knight Fellowship of Lord Coake is, from this point on, a declared enemy of the Federation of Magic. No Cyber-Knights under Lord Coake’s service are permitted in Federation territory. Those knights currently within the Magic Zone who do not leave immediately, or enter the Zone after the declaration of this Charter will be met with Lethal Force.

Alistair Dunscon Carathrax
Silidor Ünas
Ezekiel Snow
Ometik’lan IV
Lord Red Eyes
Lady Silvermask
Garanagar Gilgannon
Malkin Nevermore
Xerxes Lucanus
Draco Keu Saekhun
Malachai Darkhold
Haagenti Beleth
Aerishiva Blackheart
Skullen Macabra
Erebus Helicon
Lord Yasuva

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